The lack of graitec / autodesk  answers to this question is disturbing.

    On both websites Ive asked to no avail. I hope is just a temorary issue due to the buyout of AS.


    Any input on when a service pack will be released? Estimated date? anything? :)

  • Project Data

    Happy to help!

  • Project Data

    After you change all the info in the Project Settings tool  ((ribbon -Home -Settings))

    Go to  - ((Ribbon- Labels&Dimensions- Management)) click "Update page header"

    All sheets connected to your model will update with the info you typed into project settings tool.

  • autoCAD service pack

    Is anyone else having trouble installing autoCAD service pack with advance steel installed?

    I get the error shown in the picture atttached.

    I downloaded That service pack directly from autodesk.  AutoCAD_2015_SP1_64bit.exe

    Im using acad 2015 and as 2015


    Attachment: acad-servicepack1-64bit-error.JPG

  • Right Click: Repeat command

    AS 2015  Acad 2015

    Why is it possible to right click repeat on some commands and not other commands?

    Sometimes they can even be on the same palette, for example AS tool palette/ beam features/  Miter Doesnt let me right click repeat but Shorten at UCS and Corner cut do.

    Is there something I can do to fix this?

    If i could make cut at object able to be "right click repeat" it would save me time.

  • AS2015 file version location?

    Does anyone know how to find what service packs you have installed on AS2015?  In 2014 we used to click HELP on the menubar and then About Advance.

    I do not see this option in help aymore

  • Guardrailing Macro......

    Just an update for other users.  Every issue i had was addressed with tech support. It seems there are ways to build anything with this software.  Thanks again Pascal for your help.

  • Guardrailing Macro......

    Im am on AS 2014 sp2 and cannot open the attachment. can you save backwards?

  • Guardrailing Macro......

    Janet here are some of the issues I have with the Guardrail macro. I havent the time to list them all, but im confident if you send this to your designers and they try to build the simple guardrail in the DWG below the problems with present themselves with absolute clarity.  Thank you for your time

    Attachment: Guardrail_0.zip

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