Posted Thu, 27 Feb 2014 19:47:54 GMT by Nenad


I often have to query some objects for their dimensions. Plates for LnxWdxTh. Beams for Length (and would be realy nice if I could get back the info on profile).

Is there a better/ easier way to do it then:

- do some clicking and rotating to position an object in right position so one could select UCS lines when they appear;

- Set coordinate system to a part (UCS at object: 3 clicks and 1 enter);

- Measure the diagonal (on plates: 3 clicks or shortcut +2 clicks) (on beams the same, just selecting the points on sistem/profile line)

- Often I have to click a few more times to go back to the object orietation it was before selecting new object UCS.

Is there somewhere a hiden, ultra-secret command like "Measure in Objects Coordinate system"? So one could do all above described with 2-3 clicks (2 clicks: select a command and select an object, 3 clicks select a command and select 2 points one need a distance for)?




p.s. - I guess there is a reason why my space for entering this message is just 4 (four) rows deep, so I have to scroll trough my own message to edit it... I can think of none, really. No wait - let me have a wild guess: force the questioner to be brief :D

Posted Wed, 12 Mar 2014 08:38:24 GMT by Nenad

There is a few ways to create a plate, and if you use create by point, 2 or 3 you can view the dimensions in advance menu. Usually I create the plates this way. However, if the plate is created by poly-line, you can't know it's dimensions, and if it is not linear to current CS, you have to go trough steps mentioned in first post (or do you?).


I use some of details created by my colleagues from time to time, and it happens that the advance properties is not showing the dimensions apart from thickness.

I have noticed that you have a "convert to polygon" check box for the plates created by first method, but is there a way to revert from polygon to ... how do you call it - normal plate that will show the info on dimensions in advance menu?

Please take a look at the attached photo.

If I want to know the plate dimensions, I haveto go trough the steps mentioned in the first post.

Any suggestions?

Attachment: Query Obj

Posted Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:57:39 GMT by Alick O'May Peter Mitchell and Sons draftman

when u dimention sum thing the first anser is the distence between the 2 points u cliked

+ enter repets last comand

+ monitors are super cheap theys days ther no excuse to no have a second , so u can have the command bar full hight of second screen

then u type di / enter /click  2 point to get  Lnx 

enter / click 2 points to get Wdx

anter / click 2 points to get Th

so 9 enter and clicks  and one typing of di 

no rotating  model no 3 point ucs  

but yer there defintly room for inprovment hear  , like y cant we just double clik the plate and have the info displyed ,  like u sed hapens with 3 point plate

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