• Selective Left View

    the files

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  • Selective Left View

    Hi all,

    How can one defne a drawing style with the left view shown only when needed?

    I have attached some scrshots:

    Selective Left View 1: The red arrows shows the profiles that should be represented only with front view.

    Selective Left View 2: Shows the drawing style used: what is interesting is the fact that "bottom view" shows only when needed (see the last profile on the previous drawing)

    Selective Left View 3: Shows the "Neccessary view wizard" - I tried to define the rule when the left view is needed - but had no luck...


    Any suggestion?




  • Labels Added in the Drawing with "Insert Label" Command

    Hi all,

    how can one save the predefned label type that is to be used with "insert label" command?

    As until now, I have to select the command, type "C" for change, change every label tipe (SP and MP for plates and beams), and then use assign the labels.
    Every time I have o go trough the same steps. It s not possible to save the settings, and the "Apply" button is greyed out all the time...

    Every time the default type is "AssGr PosBig "254 - 1001"" - I can't change it and save the new settings.

    Also, from some reason I can't yet understand, the "AssGr PosBig "254 - 1001" in drawing Style is NOT the same as "AssGr PosBig "254 - 1001" in "Insert Label" content...
    Can someone enlighte me?

    if I change the label type, apply to (M)ultiple parts, and try to start the command again but without (C)hange, to use the last used label type, nothing is labeled and I get the message:

    The label was not created because the annotation content would have been empty.

    So I have to go trough selection process every time I start the label command.
    Verry frustrating, need I to add?

    None of my colleagues can save the changed settings as well (the "apply" button is greyed out also)


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  • Problems with the Forum Functionality

    Hi Flavia,

    I am happy to inform you that i am writing this message in a stretched input field - so this issue seams to be solved.

    However, I still get logged of quickly (would say 10 minutes - didn't count), and again have to repeat all the back-back steps although I get the info

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  • Add Level Label Trough Drawing Style

    Hi Marian,

    I am a bit confused - I would use the elevation level on the site, to elevate some assy and weld it on a certain level.

    I am not sure what could I use elevation level for in the workshop - as the assys are just puting together in there and then taken to the site where you should level them...

    But ok - I've got my answer - it can't be done.



  • Duplicate Holes Problem

    Hi Marian,

    I have used Audit and Purge commands, I just didn't know that they can help with duplicate holes.

    Now that you have mentioned it - it makes sense :)

    I have tried the Overkill command, and it is also deleting duplicate holes...

    p.s. - I have been using Audit and Purge commands on exploded drawings. I suppose it doesn't count.

    Thanks for the tip,



    p.s - I can stretch the message input area - juhu!

  • Positions of the Labels on the Drawing - Outside the Parts Not Working

    Hi Marian,

    I was working on a model there few weeks and now I have to make the drawings, so I'll test your suggestions. :)

    I have tried a few experiments with the new method (newer should be better - no? ;) ) and I encountered a few more inconsistencies:

    see the attached files - the Left/right top/bottom order seams to have ne influance on the label position. I need to place them to the side of the model, not bottom/top.

    I'll try the angle method again... It's a pitty I don't have enough time to experiment, as the work is waiting...

    I'll inform you on results,



    Attachment: Lab pos.zip

  • Multiple Label Stretch

    Hi all,

    just to add: the shift method is very unconfort in everyday use: as we all know, holding the shift and clicking the line or text in autocad de-selects that entity (yes, I know it can be changed, but it is ok - this issue appart).

    Now, due to the speed of working, approx 20% of selecting of blue squaers results in missing the sqare and clicking on a label, which ends up de-selected. And now I have to click 2 more times on it to select it again and make it red.

    Final result:

    4 clicks to make it red... Just for one of that 20% squares. The others still need 2 clicks. Or preselection of multiple labs, but that brings up another issue that probably needs a tread of it's own (the position of the lable attaching points - often it is too close to some other part so you have to pre-select the lable to mark the belonging element...)

    Am I the only one out there with thoughts that label stretching needs a little improvement? All the other users are happy and satisfied?

    p.s. - I realy don't understand the logic: for example, you can move all the selected labels as far as you want, the end point can be far from the element it is labeling, but you can't stretch it...

    Attachment: Label Movement.zip

  • Add Level Label Trough Drawing Style

    Hi Marian,

    sorry for being late - I was in kind of rush...

    I have attached the part o the model along with the drawing...




    Attachment: elev. lab. prob..ZIP

  • Duplicate Holes Problem

    Hi all,

    My coleagues and I have this problem often:

    I create a plate as a part of one assy, and conect it to another plate (that is a part of another assy) with bolts. Then, from time to time I have to copy just one assy to a and connect it to a different assy. Often I have duplicate holes, and I get the different part numbers for paltes that are identical except the fact that one has duplicate holes and another just regular holes.

    It is a little nightmare to delete the duplicate holes afterwards, as I can identify that there are duplicate holes, but I don't know which holes are needed - made by current bolt, and which are left overs that are copied with the plate...

    Is there an easier way to delete the duplicate holes (the copied ones that are not created by current bolts?



    Attachment: Holes problem.zip

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