• i cant post on the fourms keep geting error 500

    i cant post on the fourms keep geting error 500
  • Problems when posting a topic on forum

    i havent been abil to post any thing in the fourm for months

    keeps geting
    500 - Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

    iv started using the linkin autodesk advance steel group as my fourms now but it dont get anser as quike as these forms did , u get get anser from devs , i think problems bugs that get discussed dont get past to devs and i think graitec will have a beter image if problems are only discussed on privet fourms (no scaring of potential customers)
  • Prototypes in AS2015

    i wonted to ask this: for part 4 the prototype folder is in programdata/ graitec / advance steel / 2014 / shared / suport. it ses u have to open the prototype then save them in dwg2010 vertion. but when i open them in 2015 it ses its going to perform a one time upgrade so is that that or do i have to go save as and save it as a 2010 dwg-vertion
    im this thread
  • Query Objects Dimensions in Their Own Coordinate System

    when u dimention sum thing the first anser is the distence between the 2 points u cliked

    + enter repets last comand

    + monitors are super cheap theys days ther no excuse to no have a second , so u can have the command bar full hight of second screen

    then u type di / enter /click  2 point to get  Lnx 

    enter / click 2 points to get Wdx

    anter / click 2 points to get Th

    so 9 enter and clicks  and one typing of di 

    no rotating  model no 3 point ucs  

    but yer there defintly room for inprovment hear  , like y cant we just double clik the plate and have the info displyed ,  like u sed hapens with 3 point plate

  • Bolts dissappear model

    mite be eseyer to see problems and find solutions u uploaded the model 

    "how to erase the features in this end"  rite clik section /advance propertys /display type / fetures   then u should see teh cut feture 

    shear plate doesent make contact.....  maybe sum gap seting's in teh advanced joint prpertys   . same for angel , but u wouldent think there be a gap by defalt (hense wonting to see model)

    the prototypes iv had same problem got sum assers from suport uther day , havent triyed it yet thow let me know if it works

    Everything in the Page Setup dialogue for each prototype has to match, i.e. the printer has to be the same, the ctb file has to be the same, the paper size has to match etc. If anything is different or missing the prototype will not update. Open each of the prototypes you use and check that the printer and page size is valid. Also check that the ctb is set to AdvanceSteel.ctb or whichever one you use.


    To access the Page Setup Manager, right click on the sheet tab at the bottom of the prototype and click on ‘Page Setup Manager’

  • Radial Move Multiple Parts Towards Center

    if your 100+ models are sepret files  i think u will have to do 100+ tube size chages and 400+ moves 

    if thay all in same file model then u could do it in 5 operations  (+ a hell of a lot of selecting the rite plate)

  • How to create spring with roundbar in AS

    wot u mean spring  

    as in a Helix/Spiral bit of solidbar 

  • How to change the logo from Graitec to a company logo

    hello clark gregory 

    i cant download that file u attached (Tittle_Block_Change.msg) could u email the instructions to petermitchelao@gmail.com



  • Export details to AutoCad

    u can export drawings (2D) from the document manager 

    select the drawing u wont then click add to explode  repet for all drawings  then 

    click batch explode (on the rite botom)

    click ok  click ok   done

    there will not be a new folder called "detailsExploded"  the folder will be with the other folder fo r that job  ( Details , DStV , BOM, ...)

    Attachment: xsplode details.JPG

  • Having to click stuff twice

    hi dennis  i two am useing as2014 standalone  and your   settings sorted the problem thanks


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