• Weld symbol text size increase

    I forgot to mention that the weld symbol size text question is for Advance Steel 2016. The procedure may be the same for AS2015.1 but I don't know how to change the weld symbol text size there either. Thanks.
  • Weld symbol text size increase

    I have not been able to find a way to increase the weld symbol text size. It needs to be twice the size it is in order for the fractions to be seen. If the whole weld symbol were two time the normal size that would work too.
  • Temporary license

    I am on a trip this week. I forgot my software hasp at home. Is there any way to get a five day fully functional license sent to my e-mail? I am going to use the on-line temporary license while I wait for your reply but it does not have all the functionality I need for every day use. Thanks!
  • Advance Steel 2013 in AutoCAD 2012 Mechanical crashes using shift + center wheel for 3d Orbiting

    After talking with Graitec Advance Steel technical support, I have found that the only way to keep my system from crashing while using AutoCAD 2012 Mechanical (Vinalla profile) when in Advance Steel 2013 is to disable the target option when using the shift key + center wheel mouse to 3d orbit.  The only other thing I can do to eliminate the crashing is to disable the hardware acceleration for my video card.  Using the icon for 3d orbiting is way to time consuming.

    Unfortunately, Graitec support does not have a computer with AutoCAD 2012 Mechanical to test it on their end.  They have plain AutoCAD 2012, which has no issues with the 3d orbit.

    I have two computers that are having the same exact issue.  When I use AutoCAD 2011 Mechanical (Vinalla profile) I do not have any problem.

    Is there ANYONE out there that is using AutoCAD 2012 Mechanical (Vinalla profile) that has this same problem when using Advance Steel 2013 and 3d orbiting with the shift key and center mouse button with the target option enabled and hardware acceleration on?  If you do have this combination, please let me know how it's working for you.

    Tech support with AutoDesk, Graitec, Nvidia, etc. have not been able to resolve the issue.  I have installed the latest drivers for everything, the latest software patches and hot fixes for Advance Steel, AutoCAD 2012 Mechanical, Nvidia video card, etc.

    My new compter has 32GB ram, Nvidia Quadro K3000M video card with 2GB ram, 480 SSD hard drive, Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, etc.

    Basicaly, I'm stuck using my old compter with AutoCAD 2011 and my $3400 new computer sits idle all day long....  At least my old compter works but it's getting outdated because of my old Windows XP Pro operating system.

  • Steel Osnap - Preferred for Manual Dimensions

    I am using AutoCAD 2011 and Advance Steel 2013 with service pack 2 installed.  Thanks!

  • Steel Osnap - Preferred for Manual Dimensions

    I am creating several erection drawings that would benefit greatly from the new feature "Preferred for Manual Dimensions" using the Steel Osnap.  This feature seems to not be working very well for me, however, since I am forced to check the box next to "Steel Osnap" every time I select a new dimension point.  Is there any way to keep the box checked next to "Steel Osnap" until I want it unchecked?  Also, the manual dimensions do not stay in their original position after updates sometimes, even if I manually picked "Steel Osnap" at every single dimension point.  Is this a bug, or am I just doing something wrong?  Thanks so much for your help.

  • Skipping some of the alphabet when used as numbering counters

    I have a customer that uses the alphabet for numbering counters.  I need to skip some letters of the alphabet for obvious reasons.  Does anyone have a workaround to skip such letters as E, e, I, i, L, l, O, o, Q, q, U, & u?  Thanks!

  • BOM material weights

    It worked!  Thanks, it's exactly what I needed.

  • BOM material weights

    How do I make the material weights in the BOM round off to the nearest pound such as 53 lb. instead of 52 lb. oz.?

  • WT shear connection

    Hello again-  I've come up with a reasonably simple connection that worked for all same size beams.  Before I did my next batch of beams of a different size, I modified the custom connection I created to match the new conditions and saved it.  This new custom connection is easy to use.  Thanks!  It would still be nice to have a true parametric WT connection with the same flexibility as a shear tab connection or angle connection.  Hopefully, that will be considered for future releases.

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