• Ajouter un profil dans la série Tube rectangulaire Finis à Froid


    Une nouvelle FAQ traitant ce sujet (= dans quelle table retrouver un profil?) est maintenant disponible :




  • Topic not getting posted

    Hi Ms. Stiller

    I'm afraid the session expiration time cannot be changed by us - it's a general web server setting specified by the provider. We will inquiry with them if this can be increased.
    In the same time, after login, you could go Back in your browser, find the forum page with the info filled and post again. It happened to me several times and it worked.

    Best regards
    Ionel DRAGU
  • About API posibilities in AS PREMIUM DEVELOP 2012 / AS 2013


    Sorry for answering a little bit late, we had to catch up internally with our Russian branch about your local Advance Steel API programming training.
    Please see the answers below: 

    a. You are saying that "that all structural elements doesn't support welded and composite profiles". I'm not very sure what you mean with this.
    If you are speaking about the fact that you didn't saw in the samples compound beams nor welded beams, please see below several minimal explanations. 

    In order to create compound beams you can use following method:
    CreateCompoundBeamStraight(string sectionClass, string sectionName, Role role, IPoint3d pt0, IPoint3d pt1, ICS3d inputCS) - Returns a compound beam object. 
    The beam’s className and sectionName are the internal names.
    sectionclass - value from AstorProfiles.CompoundMasterTable, column CompoundClassName
    sectionName - from the definition table for className, value of column TypeName

    For the welded beams use the same method as compound beam. 
    Example: sectionClasss =”WeldedIAsymmetric”, sectionName = “Default”

    b. "Any possibilities of creating new structural elements ?"
    Yes, it's possible. In fact each joint is creating in the background elements. In the same way a plate is created a beam can be created as well. Or maybe it's a misunderstanding?

    c. "Any example with open code for creation of any such element?"
    Yes, the joint sample is creating itself plates and in the same way beams can be done. Nevertheless, we can build immediately a sample for you. But again I have the feeling that I didn't caught your point.

    d. "Any additional examples from Graitec on Joints creation with api?"
    We are currently building a larger set of samples together which will be available in the following month. There will be several samples tailored on the course schedule, commented samples codes, etc.
    Alexander, your local contact, will deliver you news regarding this point as soon as there will be; hopefully in the incoming weeks.

    I'm not sure that I really understood all your questions and your real needs. Please feel free to raise the  questions to your local contacts and we will be keen to help in the best way.
    Also, in many cases, the explanations through the web are not the best way to proceed so, I would suggest to reroute all the questions regarding API development to your local contact. It's easier for everybody.

    Best regards
    Ionel DRAGU
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