• I have project where I need to produce single part <br/>sheets for a few W-shapes and plate stiffners. The <br/>titles under the W-shapes are correct and filled out. <br/>However the plate titles are blank and only show the <br/>dashes that show

    I have project where I need to produce single part
    sheets for a few W-shapes and plate stiffners. The
    titles under the W-shapes are correct and filled out.
    However the plate titles are blank and only show the
    dashes that show normally. Why are the titles acting
    differently and how do I correct this?
  • I asked a question a week ago and haven't heard <br/>anything from you guys in response. These are <br/>important questions that keep coming up from our <br/>clients and even in house. What's the status of <br/>getting these questions answered?

    I asked a question a week ago and haven't heard
    anything from you guys in response. These are
    important questions that keep coming up from our
    clients and even in house. What's the status of
    getting these questions answered?
  • The problem with units in KSS files.

    Kiss Files

    We've noticed that in our KSS files that some
    dimensions of the parts are imperial for some, and
    metric for others. I have the units set for imperial in
    KSS generation. How do I get all the units to be
    imperial units in the KSS file?
  • How numbering and KSS file generation work?

    We have a few questions regarding how
    numbering and KSS file generation work.
    1. We have a customer that is asking if bolts
    can be added to the KISS file. I’ve looked and
    cannot find any setting that would allow for this
    to occur. Is there any way these can be added to
    the kiss file when I export?

    2. On a recent project, a customer has noted
    that plate sizes on the drawings are not
    corresponding to plate sizes on the KSS file. For
    example, part p4 on the drawing and in the
    model, is a 3/8” thick plate. However, on the KSS
    file, it is listed as 1/4” plate. We’ve also noticed
    that a 2-3/4” long part was rounded up to 3” on
    the KSS file. This leads us to believe that the
    precision of the KSS file has been changed so that
    the export is rounding to the nearest 1/4” or
    1/2”. This causes confusion as to which is correct,
    the drawings or the KSS file, and makes our work
    look less accurate to our customers. Is there any
    way to change this setting so that any plate
    thickness we set in the model and on sheets is
    exported to the KSS file correctly?

    3. We’ve also noted on a project KSS file that
    assemblies are listed on drawings they are not
    on, or never have been on. An example would be
    part CA49 is on sheet 49 but the KSS file shows
    that it is on sheet 98. What can we do in the
    future to prevent this from happening? See
    attached KSS file.

    4. When numbering, we’ve noticed that the
    main part of an assembly gets the assembly
    number and a single part mark. However, when
    putting the assembly on sheets, the single part
    mark for the main part is not shown. What is
    shown is the assembly number is placed on the
    BOM twice, and sometimes the single part mark,
    which can also be given to multiple parts per
    assembly doesn’t show up at all on the BOM but
    will be in the KSS file. This causes great confusion
    to both us and our customers. What would be
    ideal would be to have the assembly get the
    assembly number, but that each part of the
    assembly would get a single part mark, and is
    associated with the assembly number. Then on
    the BOM, the assembly number is shown giving a
    count of the number of assemblies, then the
    single part marks are shown with a count of each
    part per assembly, with the main part of the
    assembly being shown as its single part mark. Is
    this possible? Please see the attached PDF 81
    and KSS file for the job in question.

    Attachment: Questions.zip

  • Visible of parts on the drawings.

    I'm working with a model that has a few special
    parts that need to be visible on drawings. These
    parts contain quite a lot of objects. When I
    create drawings, not everything contained within
    the special part is visible. Even some of the
    Advance Steel objects aren't visible in the views.
    None of the special parts contain blocks of any
    kind as I'm aware that these cause some issues
    with special parts. What's causing this and how
    can I solve the issue?
  • The problem with counting of assemblies

    Tommy, thanks for the reply, I went ahead and changed the structural member and renumbering the quantities of both assemblies changed to 1. Thanks for the help.
  • The problem with counting of assemblies

    I have a handrail that I'm working on getting onto
    sheets whose count is wrong. There is only one of
    these assemblies, however when putting this
    assembly onto sheets it's counted 9 times. There
    are two assemblies that are having this problem.
    They are parts BA17 and BA18. We need to get this
    job out rather fast, and can't have these two
    assemblies miscounted.

    Attachment: Sniper Tower.rar

  • Two different parts were labeled with the same numer

    We recently did a job where two different parts
    were labled with the same single part number.
    Both parts are plates, and are similar in thickness
    but their shape is different. I tried to manually
    change the number in the Advance Properties
    dialog box, but when I did this the part numbers
    for both parts changed. This is the first time in
    the few years we've been using this software that
    we've encountered this problem.

    I'm including the model with this question,
    hopefully it'll help figure out what has happened.

    Attachment: 29 Bilge Block.rar

  • The problems with visual styles (Wireframe and Conceptual ) after update Advance Steel 2017 to 2017.1.

    I have recently updated Advance Steel 2017 to
    2017.1, as well as updating AutoCAD 2017 to the
    same. However, this has been met with some
    interesting results. I tend to use both 2D
    Wireframe and Conceptual visual styles the most.
    However, any orbit or pan or even zoom
    command causes an alert window to appear in
    the bottom right hand corner of the screen, 3D
    Display Performance Notification. This window
    contains a link to the VISUALSTYLES Command.
    Upon following this link I'm taken to the Help file
    for the command. It lists a few System Variables
    to set when using certain View Styles. I've set
    these system variables while in the view styles as
    shown in the help file, but still get the same
    display performance notification.

    I've also found that while using the Conceptual
    visual style if I save the model, half of the what
    was visible is turned off and is not visible
    anymore. I have to use the All Visible command
    in the Quick Views Tool Pallet.

    Both of these issues are new to the recent
    updates to both programs, Advance Steel 2017,
    and AutoCAD 2017. Prior to updating the
    programs yesterday, I did not have this problem.
    Both issues are inconvenient and can be worked
    around or ignored, however, this creates two
    programs that are no longer fully functional.
    How do I solve this issue without reverting back
    to the programs as they were before the update
    and regain full functionality of both programs?
  • How can I get the stair to display properly?

    We're working on a project with multiple stairs,
    handrails, and steel beams. For the stairs I used
    the Drawing Style 6 - Stair - UCS. Most of the
    stairs were brought onto the sheets without any
    trouble. However, one of the stairs which has
    multiple instances is not displaying. The BOM
    and title for the stair are visible and in their
    proper place, but the stair detail is not displayed.
    I do not have this issue with any other stair or
    assembly. How can I get the stair to display
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