• Working with 2 Monitors

    Tommy,Thanks for the response, I tried to reply to your email, but it came back rejected. I found changing the coordinates wouldn't allow the palettes to move to the left and off the primary monitor onto the secondary without them going back to the primary monitor at the next startup. When I switch the primary monitor to the left, I can then put the palettes wherever I want and they stay there.
  • Working with 2 Monitors

    Like me, if any of you work with 2 monitors and like to have you palettes on 1 screen and your ACAD/Advance on the other, you may find yourself re-positioning your palettes every time you start up because the palettes return to a default location. The palettes are located depending on where your primary monitor is. If you make your primary monitor the one on your left hand, then the palettes will stay where you put them.
  • Drawings Process

    2 questions.

    1. When using the drawing process "Selected Mp WithConnParts Each ANSI-D", is there a way to force all of mainparts I have selected with their single parts to be on 1 sheet instead of having it overflow onto the next sheet? For example, I know I can fit 4 beams and all of their parts onto 1 sheet, but the drawing process does not agree.

    2. Can I use a drawing process to put a Main part and its single parts onto an existing sheet?

    In order to get the presentation and look we want from our drawings we have not used the drawing process feature up to this point, but rather used the drawing styles to create our shop drawings. This is a slower process and we are looking for ways to speed it up.

  • Display settings

    This issue was encountered on AS 2014 Build 9118

  • Display settings

    In the stand-alone CAD platform, when I zoom in on an object (beams, lines, grip points.....pretty much everything) begins to jump around the closer I zoom in. Even the UCS and the grip points become distorted and out of shape (see attached pic). Would this be my graphics card? or a display driver within Advance CAD? Is there a way to correct this?

    Attachment: Display Issue.PNG

  • Unknown Status

    How do I resolve a "Unknown" Status in the Document Manager? When I open the drawing information with the "+" there is nothing shown for all the levels of the tree. How do I go about determineing what the cause of the unknown status is? Please see attached file.

    Attachment: Unknown Status.PNG

  • Osnap suggestion

    At the time I wrote that, version 2014 was not yet available. Thank-you for your response

  • Advance Steel FAQ downloads


    Thank-you for your response. I have done as you said and still the display window is empty. It does say "FAQ" in the top left corner.

  • Advance Steel FAQ downloads

    The downloads of the complied FAQs are in a .chm format (complied HTML). When i try to open it with the "Microsoft HTML help Executable" there is nothing. What other application was this meant to run with?

  • Custom Toolbar

    How do I create a custom toolbar?

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