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You should receive an Invitation email from Graitec with a link which includes an Invitation code, if you haven’t received an invitation email from Graitec please email requesting access to Graitec Advantage, once your details have been confirmed you will receive an email invitation.

When you click the Invitation Code link in the email you will be taken to a Redeem Invitation page where the Invitation Code should already be populated, click the Register button, then choose a Password and click Register again.


Once you have registered you will be taken to a Profile page, you’ll need to Confirm you email address and update some details before you can use the features of Graitec Advantage.

Add some additional details like your Job Title, Your Primary Industry, Your Primary Role and Phone numbers to your profile and then click Update, even if you don’t add any extra details you must click Update otherwise your profile isn’t deemed as complete.

If you are taken to another page go back to your profile by going to Account on the right top menu, then click on the Confirm Email button, you will receive an email with a link, click on that link and your email will be confirmed.


You are now fully registered on Graitec Advantage.


Creating Support Cases

To create a new Support Case go to Support on the top menu, then click Open a New Case.


Then enter a minimum or the case Title, Product, Subject and Description, you can also enter the Release version and Serial Number if you have this information and you can attach files or screenshots.

The Product field is a lookup which you can search, you can use a * as a wildcard. All products start with the company name, for example Autodesk AutoCAD or Graitec Advance Design.

The Subject is the type of case, for example if you’re having a problem installing the software you select Installation, if you can’t activate a licence you select Licensing or if you’re having a problem when using the software you select Application.

Once you have filled out the form click Submit to submit your case. You should hear back from someone from our support department without 4 working hours.


When you get a reply you will receive an email notification. You’ll be able to see replies as comments against your Case. To make a reply comment you just need to open the Case and click on the Add Comment button.


Viewing Support Cases

You can view your existing Support Cases from the My Support page, hear you will see a list of your Open cases but you can always change the view to see Closed or All Cases using the top menu.


Resolving Support Cases

If you wish to request a case is marked as resolved you just need to open the Case and press the Resolved button at the bottom.


Company Contacts

Each Company will have a main point of contact who has the Company Manager role for the Portal. This means they can add additional company contacts and invite them to use the Portal. They can also edit another contacts details and mark them as left so they can no longer access the Portal if they leave your company.

To do this go to your name in the top right and select Company Contacts.


To create a new Contact for your Company first make sure they don’t already exist by searching for their email, once you are sure they don’t exist click the Create button. Then enter the details of the new Contact, you need to make sure you enter their First Name, Last Name and Email, then click Submit.


To send them an invite to the Graitec Advantage find the new Contact you have just added, either by searching or scrolling, and click the down arrow on the right of the row and select Send Advantage Invite. An email invitation to the Graitec Advantage will then be sent to this contact automatically.


You can also use the same menu to Edit a Contact or mark someone as Left so they will no longer have access to the Portal.

To see Left Contacts you can change the view and then you can Reinstate a Contact who has left if you want to give them access to the Portal again.


Advantage Support

If you have any problems or questions about Graitec Advantage please email

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