Posted Wed, 06 Jan 2010 23:12:41 GMT by Tom GILBERT
After I've opened and scrubed an assembly drawing I begin adding details. When I try and label the details Ive created Im unable to label the stair tread which are made from bent plate. How can I label the treads 
Posted Wed, 07 Apr 2010 17:36:58 GMT by Valentin Dumitru Graitec ROMANIA

Hello Tom

I would like you to try something; I would like you to change the label content.
To do this please select the icon to create a label and in the dialog window you‘ll have the possibility to change the label by selecting “C”. After you hit enter a dialog box will appear, please go in the “User” group, under the “object label” open the “Any objects” group and select “Any” in the right side you’ll have  the possibility to change the label content. How?
By selection other label which is already predefine in the list you have here or by create a new one using he first icon ”New” in the top-left corner in this window.  Using the token you have in the middle row first column of properties of label you can defined the new label. You can choose name , part mark, you can put even text

Posted Fri, 09 Apr 2010 20:30:40 GMT by Vincent BURNETTER Lapeyre Stair guy
Thanks Val I always wondered how to do this!  Big help!!!!!

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