We have a few questions regarding how
numbering and KSS file generation work.
1. We have a customer that is asking if bolts
can be added to the KISS file. I’ve looked and
cannot find any setting that would allow for this
to occur. Is there any way these can be added to
the kiss file when I export?

2. On a recent project, a customer has noted
that plate sizes on the drawings are not
corresponding to plate sizes on the KSS file. For
example, part p4 on the drawing and in the
model, is a 3/8” thick plate. However, on the KSS
file, it is listed as 1/4” plate. We’ve also noticed
that a 2-3/4” long part was rounded up to 3” on
the KSS file. This leads us to believe that the
precision of the KSS file has been changed so that
the export is rounding to the nearest 1/4” or
1/2”. This causes confusion as to which is correct,
the drawings or the KSS file, and makes our work
look less accurate to our customers. Is there any
way to change this setting so that any plate
thickness we set in the model and on sheets is
exported to the KSS file correctly?

3. We’ve also noted on a project KSS file that
assemblies are listed on drawings they are not
on, or never have been on. An example would be
part CA49 is on sheet 49 but the KSS file shows
that it is on sheet 98. What can we do in the
future to prevent this from happening? See
attached KSS file.

4. When numbering, we’ve noticed that the
main part of an assembly gets the assembly
number and a single part mark. However, when
putting the assembly on sheets, the single part
mark for the main part is not shown. What is
shown is the assembly number is placed on the
BOM twice, and sometimes the single part mark,
which can also be given to multiple parts per
assembly doesn’t show up at all on the BOM but
will be in the KSS file. This causes great confusion
to both us and our customers. What would be
ideal would be to have the assembly get the
assembly number, but that each part of the
assembly would get a single part mark, and is
associated with the assembly number. Then on
the BOM, the assembly number is shown giving a
count of the number of assemblies, then the
single part marks are shown with a count of each
part per assembly, with the main part of the
assembly being shown as its single part mark. Is
this possible? Please see the attached PDF 81
and KSS file for the job in question.

Attachment: Questions.zip