Posted Tue, 15 Feb 2011 18:25:39 GMT by Greg Daneshvar GD Drafting Steel detailer
Where I can find documentation regarding ladders & cage types. I looked in connections guide & did not see any.

Greg Daneshvar
Posted Tue, 22 Feb 2011 18:24:16 GMT by

Hello Greg,

Here is a description of the main options available in the "Cage ladder" dialog:

Ladder > Ladder tab – set the basic sizes of the ladder.
Ladder > Sections tab – Select the desired sections for the stringer and rungs
Ladder > Rung Distances tab – Set the spacing of the rungs
Ladder > Wall connection tab – Initially the ladder will be placed exactly on the points you chose. If these points are on a wall or in line with beams in your structure you will want to set the ladder away and create connections to the supporting objects. Use the settings on this tab to do so. The "Wall distance" option moves the ladder away from the points you chose.
Ladder > Ladder Exit tab – There are 6 styles of ladder exit shape to choose from including Straight.
Ladder > Edit Dimensions tab – If not using a straight exit you can set the properties here.
Cage > General tab – You can have no cage or one of four shapes of cage on your ladder. Select the type and properties on this tab.
    Remark: "Finish Cage at Exit Level" – If this is not ticked the cage will go all the way up the ladder. If ticked this cage will stop at the exit height and allow separate settings for an exit cage.
Cage > Brace.... tabs – Use these tabs to set the properties of the horizontal straps of the cage.
Cage > Bands... tabs – use these tabs to control the properties of the vertical straps of the cage.
Exit > Top Cage tab – If the main ladder cage exists but stops at exit level you can select to have a different top cage around the ladder exit. You can also select a cage that has exits on the side of the ladder rather than in front of the climber.



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