• Drawing Conversion Between Versions Of Advance Steel

    Paul,I remember seeing an icon for this type of conversion but don't remember where it was. Once Oliver showed me.I have a model in 2017 with a HSS beveled four sides & when I opened in AS 2018 & saved it as 2018 model all bevels were gone. I think if I used Conversion option it would keep the bevel.Greg Daneshvar
  • Advance Steel 2015 with Advance Cad 2015

    Hi Angie,

    1-Right click on Advance stell icon & choose "Properties".

    2-Click on "Shortct".

    3-In "Target" box after .dwt" leave two spaces & type /AcadVer R20.0\ACAD-E001:49 & click on Apply.

    This will force Advance Steel to be open only with Acad 2015.


    Hope this will help. If you need more help drope me an email.


    Greg Daneshvar



    Adcance Steel 2015.1 is not a service pack, it is new reales (as I have been told) & I couldn't find the .exe file to download it. I have sent an email to Autodesk asking location of this download. As soon as I get the answer I'll post it here too.


    Greg Daneshvar


    Hi All,

    Is it possible to convert AS 2015 data from AS 2013 folders? I'm experiancing some problems with AS 2014 & don't want to covert the data from this version.

    If not, what solution do you suggest? copying?

    Thanks in advance.

    Grigor Daneshvar

  • AS 2015- Update detail problem

    In AS 2015 on AutoCAD 2015 platform, when detail is updated the quantity of single part & piece mark is changed. Attached are three cases. Case 1 is the original detail before updating & is showing one "p3" & by updating the quantity is changed to 2 & piece mark is not p3 anymore If I click on update detail the quantity will change to 3 with three leaders. Where this problem is coming from & how to fix it?.


    Grigor Daneshvar

    Attachment: AS 2015-UPDATES.zip

  • Green frames around detail


    Is there a way to control the size of green box around detail? If it is not, I'm requesting to have this option.



    Greg Daneshvar

  • AS 2015

    Hi Janet,

    The latest AS 2015 is downloded on my computer & catiliver beam over a pipe column (even on OLD pipes) is not solved yet. I'll be interested to see your fuul screen sample drawing snap shot & compair with my inputs.



  • How we can create new blank sheet in Detail forder?

    Hello Nenad:

    Thanks for reply. I found another way to create a sheet.

    1-Select e.g. anchor rod plan icon & in the Detail box use" select view"

    2-Select an epty space in model. At paper selection use "Single Part D size"

    3-This will create a new sheet in Document maneger.

    4-Move your objects into this sheet, update details & update BOM & you are done.



    Greg Daneshvar

  • AS 2014

    I can create & insert strucural members but when I try to use any type of beam yo column connection I get an error message saying "Unspecified error".

    How it can be fixed? There is no "Repair" option on AS 2014 DVD to run. Any help is appriciated very much.


  • AS 2015

    I download Advace Steel 2015 from Autodesk website & notived the problem of a canterliver beam over pipe column connection has not been solved. We have this problem from AS 2014 & was reported to help desk. Whe it will be solved?


    Greg Daneshvar

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