Posted Tue, 03 Feb 2015 18:46:09 GMT by Cruz Bonilla. CJB Detailing LLC Owner

I have recently downloaded the Power pack and installed it on both my desktop and laptop. The serial number I have is only good for one computer. Is there a way to have it work on my laptop as well. There are times I am away from my desk and take my laptop to work on.




Posted Tue, 03 Feb 2015 20:03:46 GMT by Andrew Hnyluk

You can use the license transfer utility to check out and check back in a license from machine to machine. 

Attachment: license.JPG

Posted Tue, 03 Feb 2015 20:35:31 GMT by Cruz Bonilla. CJB Detailing LLC Owner

Thank you. If I need to do that just to get the powerpack to work. I will leave my machines as they are. I have no issues with the AS2015 program, just the power pack add on. I thought it would be nice to be able to use the power pack on either machine. Thanks again.



Posted Wed, 04 Feb 2015 16:31:40 GMT by Janet Black Graitec CANADA Advance Steel Specialist

Hi Cruz,

Once you have installed the Graitec Powerpack you will have a tab on the ribbon called Graitec Powerpack. 

In order to invoke the commands you need to input the serial number and the activation code from the Entitlement certificate that was sent to you from Graitec when you first installed Advance Steel 2015 or 2015.1.

Unfortunately you cannot run the powerpack on both stations at the same time. You will have to return the licence using the License Transfer Utility and install it on your laptop. 

For more information:


 See attached for print screen and information

Attachment: AS-2015-2015.1 POWER PACK-INSTALL_0.pdf

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