Posted Thu, 03 Feb 2011 19:15:04 GMT by William Brooks Pinnacle Drafting Owner
In the attached file, I have dual dimensioning turned on. In the dimension that I manually entered, I can get the alternate dimension to appear below the primary dimension. Using the same settings for an AS generated dimension, the alternate dimension appears after the primary dimension on the same line. Different settings in the DImensions Style Format in AutoCAD has no effect on the placement of the Alternate dimension. Is there a way to get the alternate dimension below the Primary on AS generated dimensions?

Attachment: 11295-01-Layout1.pdf

Posted Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:24:35 GMT by Valentin Dumitru Graitec ROMANIA
Hello Bill
The dimension in AS are created by a dimensions style which is on your prototypes( the default dimension style is DSC_DIM_STYLE1) you have to the modification in the active dimension style, DSC_DIM_STYLE1 is not all the time the active dim style, some users are changing ( in the MT you can change active Dimension style).
In the "Alternate Units" in the "Placement" you have to choose "Below primary value". This should change the position of the alternate units.

Valentin Dumitru
Posted Mon, 07 Feb 2011 18:37:02 GMT by William Brooks Pinnacle Drafting Owner
I think there is a bit of confusion so I have attached another screen shot to show what is happening.

 Using a new active style to make the AS dimensions called "DSC_DIM_STYLE1_DUAL", I set the "Placement" to "Below primary value" then created the AS dimension as shown in the attached JPG. The Alternate Dimension appeared after the primary dimension instead of below, like I had chosen. I then created a ACAD dimension using the same active style ("DSC_DIM_STYLE1_DUAL") and the alternate dimension appeared in the correct location below the primary dimension. The option to pick the "Below primary value" only seems to work with ACAD dimensions and not with AS dimensions.

Attachment: Dimensions.jpg

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