We detected a display problem (in some cases) when asking for graphical results on planar elements, in Advance Design 2012 SP3.

This problem appeared in the SP3 of Advance Design 2012 and does not exist in previous versions.

The problem is the following one: in case of a planar element meshed without any triangle (mesh composed only by quadrangles), the displayed values on planar elements are incorrect, for seismical load cases only (correct for static load cases).

If the planar element mesh has at least one triangle, the problem does not exist.

In addition, this error does not concern the torsors on walls, which are correct, even for a seismical load case or combination, independtly from the mesh shape.

This problem is fixed on the attached hotfix which can be installed over AD2012 SP3 and also on the release 2013 of Advance Design.

Please unzip the attached file on your computer and install the corresponding hotfix (32 or 64 bits) depending on your operating system.


The technical team. 

Attachment: AD 2012 SP3 HotFix1 EN.zip