Welcome to GRAITEC Advantage

Welcome to Graitec Advantage – Your new home for all the Graitec resources.

Graitec, as an innovation company, strive to provide customers from across the world with quality solutions as part of the Graitec Advance suite of structural and Engineering software. As part of one of the largest Autodesk partners worldwide we continue to offer our customers more value through the Graitec Powerpacks which extend the power of Autodesk Revit, Advance Steel and Autodesk Inventor* (*coming soon)

GRAITEC Advantage is your destination for the latest software releases available for download, together with user-oriented documentation to guide you through the software installation process step-by-step. It also incorporates easy-to-understand tutorials and a complete help manual with detailed information on each feature.

The GRAITEC Advantage page incorporates account information and administration tools for always keeping your account up to date and receiving newsletters with the latest updates and offers.

An extensive Knowldeg base is constantly being updated with answers from user’s questions across the world and offers help in multi-languages. The “frequently asked questions” is a major source of help for all.

Graitec also offers a wide range of training, on-line or at one of our over 50 dedicated training suites across many countries, to allow you to maximise your return on investment from your technology purchase. To take things further, Graitec have over 150 consultants and 100 programmers, so guide you from adoption, workflow and custom made applications for your business.

Full technical support and access to the GRAITEC Advantage forum are one step away, with Graitec’s in-house engineers and many Autodesk Expert Elite  ready to answer any questions that you might have.

Welcome to Graitec Advantage.



Ionel Dragu
Graitec Innovation CTO



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