• Anchor Bolt Length

    Hello Russ,I am not sure to understand your calc. technically, you can follow this FAQ:How is an anchor created in the new Graitec Advance Manager?the length include the head of you anchor.Regards,
  • Adding a New Profile

    Hello Russ,You can find this information in the FAQ section:How is a user section assigned to structural elements such as Portal Frame?This FAQ give you an example of what need to be done. For such implementation, it is always better to pass trough you local support email address.Regards,
  • Database Migration

    Hello Russ,You had this issue between 2015.1 and 2016 because they changed the nomenclature you should be good for 2017. In worst case scenario, you can copy paste the content of a table into another database. The most important databases are: AstorBase, AstorSettings, AstorProfiles, AstorRules, AstorGrating and the Astor AddIn can be copy pasted.Regards,
  • Threaded Anchor Stud Size

    Hello Russ,On which version of Advance Steel you have this issue?Regards,
  • Another Coping Question

    Hello Russ,No you will not loose the connection when you let the software decide. The NULL comment refer to a missing relation between object identified with the number content between []Regards,
  • Coping Objects

    Hello Russ, these are double feature cause by the connection. if they are the same the system will avoid them automatically. there is no worries.Regards,
  • Problem with the activation code for the power pack

    Hello Jonas,I will verify with our accounting.Regards,
  • Problem with change /add material to a model after installing AS 2017.

    Hello Cruz,I read the entire conversation but I am not sure to understand what do you mean by add new material? Do you mean create a new material trough the Management Tool? or you mean to add element into your model? Like plates and beam... I tested the extend and trim command on a converted model and I cannot reproduce your issue. I also been able to add object into the model. Does your 2017 license is activated? if the insert command is triggered when you attempt to insert an object, it may mean that you are in ACAD or your license is not activated so Advance Steel command won't work. I would also want to know which lisp routine are you referring to? are they Lisp routine you created? I sent you an email to your personal email address, I invite you to communicate directly with us.Thank you,Regards,
  • creating your own bolt size and diameter

    Hello Lawrence,You can use the Management Tool to create your own bolt size and diameter. following the attach documents. You can also communicate with your local support for more assistance.Regards,

    Attachment: BOLT-Create a new bolt_0.pdf

  • Shear Stud Diameter

    Hello Russ In order to help us to help you, we will need to know which version of AS are you using? Do you need to add this diameter to an existing shear stud type? or do you need to create a totally need stud?Regards,
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