• Pasting joints between models

    Hello,can anyone tell me is it possible to select, copy and paste jointboxes between 2 same models? Colleague and I divided model in to 2 parts and now are trying to merge them. Problem happens when we try to copy jointboxes from the 1st and paste them (paste to original coordinates!) into the 2nd model. Jointboxes collect and paste all elements that were linked in the first model. I expected jointbox would recognize neighboring elements and make separate connection using all the properties of the joint defined in the jointbox. Is it possible to manipulate withe jointboxes between two models?
  • Blind rivets

    Hi,I am trying to mogel thin wall structure connected with blind rivets. Does Advance steel have the ability to model blind rivets?
  • REDO command not working in AS 2013/14 on ACad 2014 platform

    Hi all,

    my colleagues and I have been using AS2013, and now 2014.

    None of us (7) can use a "REDO" command on AS on ACad 2014.

    REDO command is working if we start ACad without AS.

    Is this normal?

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