• 2016 BOM suppressing Zero's

    Janet this was in reference to the BOM's on the detail sheet.Troy, I have attached the PDF Andrew gave me to learn how to do the new style of BOM's. You can use the old style, but I recommend updating to the new ones so you can take advantage of all of the latest features.


  • Problem with splice plates in 2016?

    Is anyone else having a problem with splice plates in
    2016? When I use the Splice Joint and only use
    bolted web plates and try to detail them it crashes
    the program. The spacer plate for it works, but not
    the main splice plate. If I replace the plate with a
    manual one it works just fine. It is only the ones
    automatically placed in my the program. Erasing the
    joint box doesn't help either.
  • 2016 BOM suppressing Zero's

    This has been resolved. The problem is that I was using my Detail BOM's from 2014 and 2016 is now using an easier and more versatile style for them. The 2014 BOM's did work, they were just dropping the trailing zeros. Not a big issue, but when you are used to seeing them....... Anyway, a big thanks to Andrew for contacting me directly and working through the problem until we got it figured out.
  • 2016 BOM suppressing Zero's

    I am trying to start using my 2016. When I use a BOM from the user section it suppresses the Zeros in the inch. I did not have this problem in 2014, but I can't get it to display the zero after the 1'. I want it to put 1'-0 and nothing seems to change it. If I use one of the base ones from the Advance Steel list it shows up correctly. It is only doing it in the User List ones and it doesn't matter which one I select. Any ideas on how to get this to work? I do have the suppress trailing zero option unselected in the defaults and even selecting it and then unselecting it again has no affect.
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