• Where is the Handrail Joint in Advance 2015?


    I need to know where the handrail mitre/bend command is on Advance 2015.

    the command line is

    _AstM4CrConByVB RailingJointHandrail

    but need to know where I access this from the tool bar.

    please advise

    many thanks
  • How to create a user defined connection

    Thank you for your recent help, I have another one for you if you can kindly assist.

    I have drawn a steel structure made from channel section.

    All has been drawn with the position being centre (on axis), however if I have hole marks centre on the flange, when I produce a fabrication drawing the dimension line is taken from the axis.

    How do i turn the access line off before I produce the fabrication drawing or change this around so the dimension line can be from the edge or centre of the steel?

    Hopefully you understand my question, thanking you.




  • How to create a user defined connection

    Sorry, I do not know if I sent this query over yesterday or not!

    Please could you inform me how I can darw a connection, in this case a single plate welded to the end of a channel, then connecting to another, with my own parameters, then save this as a template connection?
    Thank you
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