• Joining panels automatically together at the corners

    I have a job in Advance Steel that has tilt-up concrete panels. The roof steelwork will connect to the concrete panels. When I create the concrete panel by using "Other Objects" option "Wall", the panel at the corner of the building automatically join together. I do not want this to happen. The panel have a 16mm gap between them. Is there a way to stop AS joining these panels automatically together at the corners? Attached is my model of the panels.

    Attachment: AS-Lot3-Stradbroke.zip

  • Modelling bridging with Lysaught Hook-Loc II purlins

    Also in my current job, I’ve got bridging to install with the purlins. The type of bridging is Lysaught Hook-Loc II. This type of bridging is made up of a number of components and combinations. (Information on this bridging system can be sourced from Lysaught's web page.
    (Refer attached document)

    Is there any way of modelling this in Advance Steel?


    Attachment: [file not found]

  • Cold Rolled Joints

    My current job is the first job that has purlins. The purlins on this job are from Lysaught. I have a number of connection where a raking C15019 member will connect to a Z15019 purlin. These connections will utilise an Lysaught Accessory called a General Purpose Bracket.
    (Refer attached document)

    This bracket will bolt to the raking member and the purlins web. (Shown below). Information on Accessories can be sourced from Lyaught’s web page.
    (Refer attached document)
    Advance steel has Cold Rolled Joints and the one that appears to be the one to use is “Cold Rolled Floor Beam Inser – Cleat from Supplier”
    (Refer attached document)
    However, it does not work with Australian Cee and Zed sections. There must be others throughout Australia with this problem. Is there a solution to this problem?

    Will Graitec build these connections into Advance Steel for the Aust / ZN market?


    Attachment: [file not found]

  • I can not access my licence of Advance Steel.

    I can not access my licence of Advance Steel. When I select it to run get an Advance Steel - License Manager error "License error Your licence does not authorize this command. Please contact reseller or your GRAITEC local office for more information. My laptop had an issue with the video card. The video card was not recognised. A Technician fixed it today. The Motherboard was also replaced. Advance Steel worked fine prior to this repair by DELL. I have an urgent job to finish over this weekend. My local reseller is not contactable until Monday. This is to late. Please need help URGENTLY.
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