• retea de grinzi de fundare

    Buna ziua,

    Pozitionarea reazemelor liniare atribuite unor elemente liniate (grinzi), indiferent de tipul lor (rigide sau elastice), se face in axul elementului (grinzii), fara a tine cont de excenticitatile impuse acestui element.

    Pentru a intelege mai usor acest comportament, puteti modifica optiunea de “redare” a modelului, in functie de axele elementelor.

  • How can I define a purlin to be aligned with the rafter (when the rafter is not horizontal) ?


    I will explain the necessary steps for the alignment of the purlings over the beams:

                -after the beams and the purlins are in place, you need to set the eccentricity option on (0,z-) for the beams and (0,z+) for the purlins;

                -to align the purlin, you must define a point to guide the alignment. The point must be placed in the certain plane, after you want to align the purlin;

                -select the purlin and in the Properties bar set the "Orintation" parameters: for the "Point" option, insert the "1" value (so the purlin will have the Y axis orientated towards the point defined) and the "Angle" must be set on "90" (so the orientation of the purlin will be the on intended).

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