• Split a table (list)

    I have to deal with this problem on a daily bases, is there a solution?

  • How do I replace Graitec info with my company name on drawing sheets?

    In AS on AutoCad platform:

    Go to

    c:\ProgramData\Graitec\Advance Steel\2014\Shared\Support\Prototypes\

    and choose the prototype you want edited.

    Right click on the logo and choose "Block editor"

    Delete the Graitec block and replace it with your logo.

    Close block editor - save.

    Save the file.

  • Split a table (list)

    Very interesting way of attaching pictures, I must admit. Even though I got the confirmation "the file has been uploaded" - I didn't click on "click to return to forum" on the attaching window, and it seams that the picture got lost in the universum...

    So here is another one, this time with "_0 suffix. I hope I won't get to "_23"...

    Attachment: Table split_0.zip

  • Split a table (list)

    Sometime a lot. Sometimes not that much. Every time exactly as it is supposed to be. Moving is not an option.

    One of the examples can be seen on the attached picture.


  • Query Objects Dimensions in Their Own Coordinate System

    There is a few ways to create a plate, and if you use create by point, 2 or 3 you can view the dimensions in advance menu. Usually I create the plates this way. However, if the plate is created by poly-line, you can't know it's dimensions, and if it is not linear to current CS, you have to go trough steps mentioned in first post (or do you?).


    I use some of details created by my colleagues from time to time, and it happens that the advance properties is not showing the dimensions apart from thickness.

    I have noticed that you have a "convert to polygon" check box for the plates created by first method, but is there a way to revert from polygon to ... how do you call it - normal plate that will show the info on dimensions in advance menu?

    Please take a look at the attached photo.

    If I want to know the plate dimensions, I haveto go trough the steps mentioned in the first post.

    Any suggestions?

    Attachment: Query Obj Dim_1.zip

  • Split a table (list)


    how can one split a table (list) inserted in the drawing? Sometimes the list is too long it exceeds the bottom of the page.

    As until now, I had to explode the drawing and then manually split the list.


  • Use just a numeric part from numbering, without a prefix.


    How can I extract just a numeric part of the numbering (for filling the specification table)? The table width is predefined, and the part/assy numbering must be made by predefined code.

    I manually change the table content after the drawing is exploded. Can it be done by default?

    See the pictures attached.

    When creating labels, I see there is an option to use a VBScript? If this is the way, can someone write the script?

    Thanks in advance,


    Attachment: Spec.zip

  • Query Objects Dimensions in Their Own Coordinate System


    I often have to query some objects for their dimensions. Plates for LnxWdxTh. Beams for Length (and would be realy nice if I could get back the info on profile).

    Is there a better/ easier way to do it then:

    - do some clicking and rotating to position an object in right position so one could select UCS lines when they appear;

    - Set coordinate system to a part (UCS at object: 3 clicks and 1 enter);

    - Measure the diagonal (on plates: 3 clicks or shortcut +2 clicks) (on beams the same, just selecting the points on sistem/profile line)

    - Often I have to click a few more times to go back to the object orietation it was before selecting new object UCS.

    Is there somewhere a hiden, ultra-secret command like "Measure in Objects Coordinate system"? So one could do all above described with 2-3 clicks (2 clicks: select a command and select an object, 3 clicks select a command and select 2 points one need a distance for)?




    p.s. - I guess there is a reason why my space for entering this message is just 4 (four) rows deep, so I have to scroll trough my own message to edit it... I can think of none, really. No wait - let me have a wild guess: force the questioner to be brief :D

  • REDO command not working in AS 2013/14 on ACad 2014 platform

    (I am one of the 7 colleagues having the same problem):

    Nice feature that "redo" command...

    It would be nice if anybody could spare half a minute and give us some feedback.

    Fix it or stop hoping...

    So - is it available or not?

    Thanks in advance,



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