• Labels - Main Part

    Thank You Marian for Your time and help.

    I will try the workaround with the labels for hidden objects for now.



  • HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME and Plot Area with One Punch

    The idea with next page when the first one is populated is teoreticaly ok, but the in practice one often needs more flexible approach.

    The drawing process has pre-defined "detail drawings", which have predefined prototype.

    Prototype can have a fixed frame and size, or scalable.
    We use the scalable paper size, with predefined sizez for A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 2A0 and few non standard sizes like 420 x 420 mm...


    We have lot of different size models, from few tons to few hundred tons.

    The model is divided in groups like traverse, beams, frames, etc. For every group we use 1 drawing process (most of the time) to extract the drawings, and then add some views or details, add or delete the dimension lines and labels if needed. And I can't rememeber the case it wasn't needed.

    So - I can predefine 10+ different prototypes with all mentioned paper sizes and I can make 10+ different processes with same drawing style and different prototypes, but I can't predict exactly what size the page will be needed.

    Most time I change it just one size + or - (e.g. from A3 to A2 or similar), but never the less I have to go trough same number of steps to do it as if I have changed it from A4 to 2A0...

    I rearange the parts to specifc area;
    Then I shrink/enlarge the frame;
    Then I enter the plot command, and select the "window" and define the new print area to fit the frame;
    Then I change the paper size (stil in PLOT window) to fit all previous mentioned;
    Then I explode the drawing so the colleagues that don't use Advance Steel could open the drawing;
    (Often I have to make small adjustments to the tables and sometimes even to some parts of the drawings) in exploded dwgs;
    And then (not rarely) I get the new revision, so I am back at the beggining...

    Do you have the better tehnique for mentioned metodology?

    I have to say that we work as contractors and we have been given the predefined methodology so we have to stick to it, we can't for example choose A2 format and print 30+ pages on A3, because we can do it with fewer clicks...

    Thanks for the answer,

    p.s. - I am writing this text in notepad, and then copy-paste to this ridicilusly small input area for the answer. Is it possible that I am the only one bothered becose of the 3 line wide input area?

  • HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME and Plot Area with One Punch


    I am wondering is there a way to "link" plot area to HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME size? I couldn't find one.

    It is nice to be able to change the frame size so quickly, but it would be even more nice if Advance was so advance to change the plot area at the same time.

    I can't think anyone that would want to change the frame size and not the plot area - it is so natural to do so... Now that AS is part of AutoDesk, maybe it will be easier to achive this.

  • Radial Move Multiple Parts Towards Center

    Hi all
    I have many assemblies modeled, with the drawings done.
    Now, I got a revision which requires me to change the tube diameter, but I have to "move radially" the reinforcement plates as well.
    Please see the picture:
    Name:  Radial Stretch.pngViews: 0Size:  8.0 KB
    I have to change a tube dimension from red to green, and I have to "move radially" the yellow plates to touch the green tube.

    What is the easiest way to do it for 100+ assemblies?

    Thanks in advance,


    Attachment: Radial Move_0.zip

  • Add Level Label Trough Drawing Style

    Ok, I read my own post and I think it is not clear enough.

    There is a command for level symbol in the drawings:



    Using it, you can add a level symbol in the drawing, as the one that can be seen in the attached picture.

    Now, I have to give the level symbol for approx 300 parts in the drawing, and it would be nice if it could be done trough the drawing style.

    Or I can do it manually.

    Then again - I can vacume the dust off of my drawing borad, and fill the rapidographs in... ;)


    p.s. - what in the name of God have happend to the "input area stretch" in the lower right corner?! A few minutes ago I was posting a new toppic, and there it was... Is it not working after 18:30? I'll try again tommorow... ;)

  • Labels - Main Part

    The problem:
    Imagine you have lot of similar assemblies. Imagine you have lot of same parts in them, and few different main-parts.
    Now, if you put a view that is not displaying main-part on a drawing, and want to label the main-part (select any part and add "main part label" - as the goal is to name the assembly), you'll get a surprise:
    The one part you "attach" the label to will not display just the name of the main part of the current assembly, but the main parts of the all assemblies that part is a part of.
    See the pictures attached.

    The question: how can I label an assembly (with the main part label) if the main part is hidden in this view? Turning on the "hidden lines" don't help, as the main part has a "pair" in front of him in this view, so the hidden lines are not displayed.


    P.s. - was there always a "stretch" option in bottom right corner for stretching the message input area, or was my critics useful? :) One way or the other - it is nice to be able to see bigger then 4 rows area for message input. Cheers

    Attachment: MP label_0.zip

  • Split a table (list)

    Hi Julio,thank you for a reply.We are working for another company in another country, so we have predefined rules that we have to stick with. The structure and proportions of the tables are predefined, so we can't change any part of them.I've checked with my boss, and the table orientation change is also not an option. It is not practical - imagine the worker on the site rotating his head and/or drawings trying to find the parts of interest...The model itself sent won't give you anything to start with (apart the fact that I would have to ask my boss if I can send it to you too), I would have to tell you all the rules and expectations we have to fulfill, so you could have the idea what should be done.The problem in a few words: we often have the groups of assemblies that should be put on a single drawing. The assemblies have many different parts, and there is 1% for welds that must be mentioned for every assembly in the table.
  • Multiple Label Stretch

    Thanks, I tought I have tried that. It's working.

    It would be faster and easier if I could select all at once with rectangular sel. (as with AC comand "stretch") rather then clicking on every squaerl, but it is better then strethcing one by one...

    Thanks again,


  • Add Level Label Trough Drawing Style


    Can I define the level label (see the picture attached) in drawing style?

    I can add special model role to objects whose levels I want to define?




    Attachment: Level symbol.zip

  • Multiple Label Stretch

    Dear all,

    I am trying to find the best way to stretch multiple labels at once.
    I can't select multiple labels and stretch them (want to "move" the label text at once, but to keep the attaching points of the labels at the model.

    It is rather needed option me and my colleagues need on a daily bases.

    However - it is possible to move all the labels at once so they end up "in the air" and I can't think a reason why anybody would EVER want to do that.

    Please see the attached photo:
    I could do this with I 2 clicks:
    1. selection rectangle
    2. click on a point, stretch to desired position, and release.

    Now, I have to use 5 clicks and to do 4x millage from previous suggested method (and that if I don't select labels one at the time).

    I gave you an example with just 4 labels. I have lot of examples where I need to move 10-20 labels.

    Thank you in advance for an answer.
    (the 6 rows for entering the post really amuse me...)

    Attachment: Label stretch.zip

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