• dimensions scale

    I've created a linear dimension by 1:25 pilot scale-Is it possible to modify it to scale 1:50?


    Thank you!

  • Reinforcement cut 2

    Has anybody experienced that a bar had been invisible on a reinforcement cut? I checked it several times and that bar must be seen on that cut.

  • Reinforcement cut


    I've created a reinforcement cut from a top view on reinforcement  drawing. I couldn't modify the extension of the cut. Is it possible?-I want to modify both vertical and horizontal the extension. I tried to select the cut and searched for "cut options" but i found nothing. When i create a section cut from the model it's easy to modify section cut properties (extension to).

    Another: if i hide bar distributions in a view is it possible to "bring it up" later?

    Thank you!

  • Ribbon


    I've just installed AC 2013 and i can't set the ribbon to look like in autocad. I tried to do something with the quick access toolbar options but it doesn't work. I want toolbars separated on the ribbon (in the up left corner home next to home modeling, dimension, reinforcement ec.). I run AC as a stanalone application.

    Thank you for your help!

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