• Export from Advance Design to Revit

    Dear all,

    In order to develop BIM solutions I have to export a model from Advance Design to Revit.

    This model comes from REVIT with custom families that I've successfully imported to Advance.

    I want to create a new model in REVIT by importing an Advance model.

    I tried to import a GTCX file to REVIT, my result :

    - Walls are exported correctly

    - Concrete columns are exported in steel columns

    - Concrete beams are not exported


    I think it is related to a problem in the GTCMAPPING database.

    I cannot find why importing a single RC beam from Revit to Advance successfully I cannot recreate it from scratch by exporting it in GTCX to REVIT.

    Revit import log

    Date : 03 septembre 2014 Time : 10:53

    Revit document : Projet2

    GTC file: C:\Users\CE.LEFEBVRE\Desktop\Nouveau dossier\test.gtcx

    Following GTC elements failed to be imported:

    Name : Beam GTC ID : 418 


    Thanks in advance for any help,

  • Liaison REVIT-Advance Design : liaisons rigides


    J'essaie d'importer un modèle REVIT vers Advance Design. Mon modèle comporte une liaison rigide entre une poutre et un poteau.

    Cependant lors de l'export vers Advance Design, la liaison rigide disparait. Comment inclure la liaison rigide dans l'export ?

    Merci d'avance pour votre aide,



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