• Drawing Lables

    Hi Dimitru

    I assume that in UK version it is called “… considering the Model Role”. Changed that to 0 and it works (marks bolts and special parts). One question though, what exactly does this thing control? Because there are no options to assign labeling types according to Model roles w/ “change the label” option when labeling manually. Thanks

  • Why is Rainham Steel grating available only in the Standard Grating category?

    It was a great idea to introduce grating in to Advanced Steel. But apparently it’s just a plate with the hatch on top.

    It’s completely useless, drawn like a plate, dstv’s like a plate. So what is the point, just to look nice in the model? Please take a note for future development Graitec team. Thank you.  

  • Adding labels to bolts

    i've got the same problem (in AST 2010).Cannot manually add label to holes or bolts on the GA (or any other) drawing. Error reads "The label was not created because the annotation content would have been empty.", Although worked fine in AST2009.
  • Center marks on the fabrication drawings

    Apparently Centre/punch marks have disappeared from AST2010 version fab drawings. And I doesn’t look like it would be anything in Management Tools concerning on/off centre marks on the drawings. However that was ok in AST2009.

    How can I get centre marks back on my fab drawings?

  • How to change the NC settings?

    As i've said the settings that are in Management Tools are not enough.

    For example: in beam NC files I’ve got hard stamps for attached plates, how can I remove those?

    I need to change dimensional reference to web holes (from edge or from C/L),

    And where can I find all the settings for mitre’s that AST uses to produce dstv’s.


    As I need to adjust the settings of AST dstv files  to work on our BDL machine.


  • How to change the NC settings?

    Could you please tell how can i change NC parameters, there is not enough options in Management Tools in defaults, there is only hard stamp position config, profile names and file title.
    How can get to deeper parameters, is there some kind of text file that can be modified?
    Thank you
  • Problem when exporting a 3D dwf with AS 2010.

    That has solved the problem. Thanks
  • Problem when exporting a 3D dwf with AS 2010.

    I have a problem exporting the model to 3D DWF with 2010 AS version.In dwf all members come with strange shades, curved corners with no contour lines and etc. Ive done exports of the same models on v 2009 earlier and everything was ok. Please advice!!!
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