• Check which joints belong to a joint group?

    *How to check (zoom + highlight) which joints belong to a joint group?

  • Too much time to change between visual styles and model views.(AS 2015)

    Software: AS 2015 in autocad 2014.

    *Is there any procedure to make the model's navigation faster?. My model takes too much time to change between visual styles (from already created views from project explorer) , also to switch between model views it  takes long time no matter if it is in shade or wire-frame visual style.

  • Level symbol missing

     *How to show level values and dimensions in elevation views? (I already have in the model the level symbol), but in the drawings doesn’t appear. Please see attached file where is indicated the wanted elev. and dimensions between level lines. Also the main part label in erection drawings doesn’t appear.

    Attachment: [file not found]

  • Display dimension between grid lines and missing anchor dimension

    *Please advice the steps to display the dimensions between grid lines in a plan and elevation views, as you see in the attached file anchor bolt plan, the mentioned dimensions are missing.


    Attachment: [file not found]

  • Labels keep in place or lock the location after update a drawing

    Hi Janet,

    The labels that I want to keep in place (lock) after manually edited are the mark’s labels (with leader arrow) in an erection drawing. (Please see attached files: one file indicates the wanted location of labels (manually moved), and the other file indicates the location of labels that I get by default (since the first time the drawing is created the labels always appear in the same original location after a update of a drawing.)


    I have no problem to move few mark’s labels, but the issue is that there are many beams and many floors to be updated, and move again one by one after every update is a big issue.

    Thank you.


  • Labels keep in place or lock the location after update a drawing


    Is there any tool or setting for the labels in order to keep in place or lock the location after the clean up is done in a (GA) erection drawing? Every time that I update the labels comes to the original place and it is a mess (too much time to relocate again to the appropriate location).


  • TC GUN clearance


    *is there any tool to check if exist enough clearance for the TC GUN ? I have installation issues for some bolts that the clash check tool didn’t detected. 


  • Steel elevation in a TOP view drawing

    May I know how to show the top or bottom of steel elevation in a TOP view drawing? (Please see attachment) . It will be great a label tool that allow selecting the member and displaying the elevation top or bottom of steel. Does exist a detail style that shows the elevation (top or bottom of steel)?
    I have a framing plan top view with many beams at different levels (elevations few inches away each other).
    Thanks in advance.











    I have a framing plan top view with many beams at different levels.



    Attachment: [file not found]

  • Bolts dissappear model

    Please let me know how to fix these issues:

    *In the model the bolts in some locations disappear, I checked the advance manager and the representation type of the bolt is solid. , also I filtered and select the bolts for the whole model and change the AS properties, but still the bolts don’t appear.

    *I have this situation,  (please see attached file) We need ARCH D, ARCH E formats: In the document manager when l change prototype in an existing drawing, it doesn’t work correctly with my new prototype (the title block is incomplete).

    Detail ANSI-E CAMERA 002 (I already created and attsync my new prototype ASDETPROTO ARCH E ERECTION).

    *Connections at rolled channel don’t work properly (Shear plate doesn’t make contact with the channel web; Bent angle doesn’t make contact with the channel web) (please see attached file).

    * How  to show top of steel elevation in GA drawing plan(top) view; I already create the elevations in the model, but the elevations doesn’t appear in the drawing framing top view. 

    Thanks in advance.


    Attachment: [file not found]

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