• Single Parts with Assembly label


    Hi there,


    What would be quickest way to change in system so all single parts in GA would have single part label instead assembly label. Because all manufacturing drawings has single part number instead assembly.
    Manually I can change tokens to show single part number but it is quit lengthy and time consuming process when you have 300 parts to change. 


  • Tubular Handrail with balls

    Philippe, we are UK base company and recently started using advance steel. I would said 90% off industrial handrails are Tubular type with bore shank. But when I  use macro to create handrails they appears as straight uprights with no balls. Is this normal or there is an option to choose with ball. I attached link what i expecting to see

    http://www.steelway.co.uk/SW-handrail-standards.php.  I hope you can help
  • Project Explorer

    HI there, I having problems using project explorer for some unknown reason to me four tab of six in explorer window are not active. "Structure" tab is green and "Show all elements" is green. Level ,groups etc.. are grey an non active. I have done small model ready to assign level and groups but wont let me. Where is problem?
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