• W section with plates

    The highlighted joint will indeed place the plate outside the beam flanges, and it doesn't offer an option to offset it along Y axis.

    You can either create a manual plate positioned at the specific position, or if you need the "plate" to be along the whole beam length, you can customize a generic compound beam to create an I beam plus two Flat sections. I've attached a sample model with such a section.

    More information about how generic compound beams can be configured can be found in the following FAQ : http://www.graitec.com/en/FAQ_view.asp?FAQID=825&Language=EN&Name=How+are+custom+shape+compound+profiles+created+in+Advance+Steel%3F

    Attachment: genericcompundbeam.zip

  • New tread type

    For creating new user tread types and make them avaliable in the Stair joint, please check the following FAQ : http://www.graitec.com/en/FAQ_view.asp?FAQID=668&Language=EN&Name=How+are+custom+treads+added+to+the+stair+macro%3F

  • No User Lists Available????

    When you add a BoM on drawing list on an Advance Steel drawing, AS can read the BoM templates from two places, based on the status of the default : "Use the new BOM on drawing" (found in GAM / Defaults / Drawing - General). 

    When the default is checked (which should come as default from the installation), then AS will display the BoM lists found in the following path : C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Advance Steel\2013\Shared\Support\BOMTemplates. Please check if in this path you have the lists. If not, then run an Advance Steel reinstallation.

    When the default is unchecked, then AS will insert a BoM list from the BOM Editor, and will use a list from the User branch if the category "Drawing" is present in your user database (AstorAddIn.mdb). 

  • Detail in GA Views

    To obtain those as automatic views, you need to create node cameras in the model and then obtain the details with camera processes. From an overview drawing you can create cut views, but those will not give an option to isolate a specific area of the model, and will create a view on the model along a designated line.

  • Starting AS 2014 on autocad 2013.

    Before starting Advance Steel, start AutoCAD once and close it.

    Does the issue exist only with toolbars not showing ? Does Advance Steel work ? (you can try to type a command to check it like _astorabout).

    Is AutoCAD a standalone version, or you have AutoCAD mechanical, Structural detailing etc. ?

  • Bolt grade

    Adding a new grade to an existing bolt can be done with GAM Bolt Editor.

    More information about how this tool is used can be found in the following FAQ : http://www.graitec.com/en/FAQ_view.asp?FAQID=997&Language=EN&Name=How+do+you+create+a+bolt+in+the+Graitec+Advance+Manager%3F

    To add a new grade, you will need to add the grade, and then reconfigure the bolt to it while using the existing valeus from the 4.6 / 5.6 grades. Currently GAM Bolt editor doesn't allow to duplicate an existing grade, diameter, and just modify one parameter, so the new grade will be seen as a "new" bolt configuration, requering you to make the necessary settings to it.

  • How to create a DVD from an ISO file greater than 4GB

    To burn ISO images that have over 4.7 Gb on DVDs you need to have a Dual Layer DVD blank disk, which supports up to 8.5Gb. On a normal 4.7 Gb disk the Advance Steel 2013 ISO image will not fit, even with overburn.

  • Can you justify (Left, Right, Center) your Dimension text?

    This configuration is dwg based, as the Dimension Style Manager is a CAD functionallity. To make a permanent configuration which will be used in newely created drawings, you need to make this Dim. style modification in the Advance Steel prototype used to create the drawing.

    The prototypes are present in : C:\ProgramData\Graitec\Advance Steel\2013\Shared\Support\Prototypes\

    You can edit them with Advance Steel + CAD platform.

  • Can anybody help about how to find out weight of any component in Advance Steel?

    You can get the model weight by using the Total weight calculation and assembly weight calculation functions avaliable for model use. You can find those commands in the "Checking" tab of "Extending modeling" ribbon category.

    You can find more information about those functionallity in the AS 2013 User guide (http://www.graitec.info/Common/Downloads/Documentation/AS-User-guide-2013-EN-Metric.pdf) -  page 127

  • Curve plate length

    The default is general per Advance Steel, therefore you can't set that specific objects uses a certain value for the default, the other objects - another setting for the default. We recommand you to set model roles to the two classes of objects (rolled plate and bent plate), and then create lists and part drawings for them after using a filter to select only a specific batch of objects, and having the default set to the correct value.

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