• Inserting single purlin cleat connections

    I have a query regarding inserting single purlin cleat connections. It can be imputted for instance on the lower side of the purlin on a sloped rafter, however when I try to install it on the opposite slope it automatically installs the connection on the upper side of the purlin. I have tried mirroring etc. but this will not work. I do not want to delete joint box and do it this way as it makes it far more difficult to copy in transform elements. I would appreciate any assistance.

    Than You

  • How split a rafter beam into two separate lengths and join with two plates over a column

    I want to split a rafter beam into two separate lengths and
    join with two plates over a column (it is too long) I have
    tried drawing a polyline and then using the split beam
    function, however it shows as separation not possible.
    Can you tell me how to rectify?

    Also I have set up a connection template in a separate file.
    The connection is a plate on both the flange of a column
    and a beam joined with an angle. When I try to insertion
    connection template it does not show the plates on the
    flanges but it shows the angle and the bolts that should
    connect to the plates. I set up the plates using the 'plate
    along beam flange command' I have tried different
    variations many times with the same result.
    How do I rectify this?
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