• Custom Saw List for unsupported CAM software

    Hello all,My company is considering purchasing a plasma tube cutter that runs a CAM software that AS does not support. I am attempting to create a custom saw list that contains all the information the CAM software requires: diameter, wall thickness, end1/end2 angle, etc. I know that some of this information can be drawn with tokens in the "Field content" submenu, but much of the datafields are unintelligible and I can't find online resources that explain what they query. For instance, in the attached jpeg, what do "Dimension b at flange", "Dimension B at flange", "Dimension c at flange", etc. mean? Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!

    Attachment: field content_1.JPG

  • Galvanized Weight on internal dwg BOM

    I do not have a solution this issue, but wanted to say I would also like a solution to this problem. Being able to calculate cell values like in an Excel spreadsheet would be an excellent feature.
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