• Modify a prototype drawing.

    I'm trying to modify a proto type drawing. I think that I've gotten about as far as I can. I need to add a few tokens and don't know how. I need to modify the BOM as well. Started with an ANSI D Size and moved to an ARCH D Size.
  • Using flat bar to make a skew shear tab connection

    I am trying to use flat bar to make a skew shear tab connection. I would like to force the use of a 4" flat bar. The problem is that when using the plate option to layout my bolts is that the measurement is not actually taken from the end of the plate, but from the secondary beams center line and the face of the main beams web. Since the plate is on a skew, this is not actually a point on the skew. Is there a way to force a 4" flat bar without having to compensate for secondary beam web thickness and the skew angle for each unique case?
  • When I press the help button, computer starts to configure revit.

    When I press the help button, my computer starts to configure revit. This takes a while, and the program does it every time I press help.
  • Beam on top of a column

    I was just messing around putting a beam on top of a column, but the beam had a pretty severe slope to it. I also had the beam on an angle in the global XY plane. I used a gable end connection, and th plate came out very strangely. When I redrew the beam in the xz plane, the connection came out fine. I also tried to lengthen the beam using the shorten at ucs feature, I kept getting an error stating that the x0z axis was invalid. I’m not sure what any of this means.
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