• Bolt dimensions

    Can I get the number for support?

    I need A325 bolts all the way down to 3/16"


  • Bolt dimensions

    Here is the file

    Attachment: Photo.zip

  • Bolt dimensions

    I figured out how to create a new bolt diameter but the head of my bolt is way too tall (you can see it in the background). It measures out at 9/16" when it should be about half that. When I change setings in te bolts tab it and hit apply, it just erases all of my information.

  • Rail Ends

    I know what I was trying to accomplish. I wanted a 12" loop from the start of the tread. If you notice my settings, I have it set as a loop in the hangoff rail and that is precisely what I was after. The only difference in your settings and mine is that I had it set to 1" where yours was 7-7/8". I changed the number to multiple different lengths yet the rail itself didnt change. As you can see in my photo, the connection point or rail metric has a bug in it.  Since it has been over a month since my original post, I have since figured it out by modeling without using the stair metric and adjusting piece by piece manually. Here is what my desired rail was supposed to look like. 

    Attachment: New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip

  • Rail Ends

    Here is the attachment-

    Attachment: Stair Rail.zip

  • Rail Ends

    I am trying to make a loop on the end of my rail and it isnt working. I have attached a picture of the rail and the settings that I have it set at. There doesnt seem to be any way to change it. I am looking for just a reguar loop that goes out from 12" from the front of the first tread. 

  • Weld Symbol Size

    That worked! For some reason, my fillet weld wont change though. The rest of them are good. Another question - how do I change the size of font on my proceeding information? 

  • Weld Symbol Size

    Can you be a little more specific on the file?

    There are over 800 DWG's in that file and I dont really want to look through all of them to find the welding symbols.

    Also, are you saying that there is no actual setting for it and its only in the DWG's?
  • Weld Symbol Size

    I was wondering how to change the size of font on my weld symbols. All that I get out of the dialog box is a text style but changing that doesnt do anything. I just need to make the font size bigger for the weld size as well as the proceeding font. I have heard that there is a default somewhere where you can change it but I cant seem to find it. Let me know. Thanks

  • Renderings

    See attached file.

    The materials command it uses is unrecognized...

    Attachment: Picture.zip

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