• Material lists are coming out blank.

    Probably just a simple one.....

    Material lists are coming out blank.

    (Drawings, NC files, etc. all ok)

  • colour

    Probably an easy fix - but I can't find it!All my model (beams, plates, etc.) have turned REDFine one minute then all changed. (clicking properties on an item shown it should be yellow for example)Thanks for any input.
  • Advance Cad + Steel 2014

    Received the disc, installed it. But it will not open.

    "Error AutoCAD cannot be found" -
    (I only have Graitec Advance Cad + Steel 2014)

    I emailed Autodesk for advice, this is the reply......

    "Thank you for choosing Autodesk Support. I'm Emily from Autodesk product support. I will help you with your issue. Here is the recommended resolution to your case:

    Advance Steel 2015 is only compatible with following host applications:

    • Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2015
    • Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2014
    • Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2013

    Unfortunately, Advance CAD is not supported. Please install with a compatible application."

    I'm hoping that they are wrong in that email, can you advise how I get this 2015 version up and running with Advance CAD installed.


  • How to change the logo from Graitec to a company logo


    Did you manage to find a solution to your problem?

    Having the same issue, followed various guides (user manuals, you tube webinar and FAQ's) but as you found these commands dont seem to work in 2014.


    I have tried to change the logo and address in both "prototypes" and "frames" directories but nothing happens, just

    default back to "Graitec"

    Did notice that these have an "external refrence" applied to them (c:\users\Aleck...... and c:\users\teresa......) ????????


    Surley it cant be that difficult - other companies do it.


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