• create new profile size

    I am trying to enter a 3/4x3/4x1/8 angle in the GAM. What do I have to enter for all those abbreviations (EX (ey), Flange holes, U,G, ect.)? Couldn't find anything on google or on this site.

    Attachment: [file not found]

  • Picket Spacing

    Every time I have to model a guard railing this issue has me perplexed. Why in the world would the picket spacings be driven by the measurement from center of post to center of first picket? As far as I know the building codes in north america are very similar and thus 99% of fabricators use 4" center to center for picket layouts. By removing or adding a picket and centering the whole setup, the space between post and first picket is kept under 4". The spacing can be any number, I am just using what is spec'd by building code. I have a hard time believing other companies space the pickets at 3 11/16" eg. Our fabricators have jigs that they use to layout the pickets at 4". Having to make new jigs for every railing is very time consuming! Right now I have to change Distance from post in 1/32 increments or less to get 4" spacing. Very time consuming!!

    I think advance steel SHOULD have:

    1. an option to set the picket spacing to a specific distance (4" in my case) , not a max. distance!

    2. the ability to add or remove pickets by entering a quantity (after which the array of pickets is automatically centered between the two posts) and through that increase or decrease the measurement between post and first picket / last picket and other post.

  • Arial Narrow font does not display properly

    My station is brand new, so AutoCAD is ok. I reinstalled Advance Steel. The font does not show up properly with and without my customized databases. I had my coworker try it on his station. The first line of text changed and showed up properly, the remaining lines of text did not. Could this be a glitch in Advance Steel? The font does show up properly when using AutoCAD commands such as DTEXT and MTEXT. Only in advance steel's Label and symbol window it causes problems. For the time being I will have to use a different font as I am falling behind with my project.

    If anybody cares to try this on their station, please post whether arial narrow displays and prints properly.


  • Arial Narrow font does not display properly

    I am using arial narrow as my default font for dimensions and text. Shows up fine for dim's, but the labels don't work. For some reason the resulting text looks similar to a roman s font ( thin lines & stretched wide). If I open the label window for editing, the text (in the window) displays proper as arial narrow. Printouts are not right either. See attached file. Any hints for a fix are greatly appreciated.

    Attachment: arial narrow.png

  • concrete beam size

    Does anyone know how to add more sizes for concrete foundation to the database? AS by default has only one size :(

  • Customizing Labels

    Do I need to manually update every drawing style? Because there is quite a few of them.

    About the diameter symbol, I don't qwant to change the size but rather add it to theh names. Eg: HSS ø1.66x.125 for round HSS. Or RD ø1/2" for round bar.

  • Customizing Labels

    I would like for all labels to list the part mark (boxed) before the material name/description. I was able to create new labeling strategies for that. But how do I get the changes implemented in all drawing styles?

    I also would like to have a small diameter symbol (Alt+0248) shown before the name/size for all bolts, anchors and round materials. How would that be done?


  • "Drawing-Cannot-Be-Saved" Message Popped Up While Modelling In AS2014

    Try doing a purge and audit (extended to advance steel, enable fixing errors). Did the trick for me.

  • I have an issue.

    Is your issue work-related?


    Sorry couldn't resist :)

  • Multiple Joist Seats

    It's all good Ben. Got it fixed. Problem was: I was selecting the placement point along the red centroid line instead of the surface of the column.

    Thanks anyways

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