• Captive/Welded Nuts

    Captive/Welded Nuts
    Is it possible to create a Bolt Type which would just
    provide a hole and a nut without a bolt which would
    default to a shop connection?
    Currently I use special parts and separate holes which
    take a while to implement and can easily come out of
    line. Also these do not transfer very well.
    This may overcome another issue I have with regards to
    missing holes.

    Kind Regards,

    Craig Swancott
  • add a field to show the camber required on the beams

    I am trying to edit a BOM Template to schedule beams &
    columns. For the beams I want to add a field to show the
    camber required on the beams and I cannot find the
    information Anywhere.

    Could you kindly point me in the direction of the
    database I should be looking for to find the correct
    datafield reference.

    I have tried looking into the model extract without any

    I am new to editing these templates so apologies if I am
    asking a seemingly obvious question.


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