• Having to click stuff twice

    hi nial  thanks for your ansers

    double click seting normal

    its not to  do with move to fast  i cheked this by lowering mouse speed then moving mouse over snap point and then cerfuly lifting mouse so that it is still on snap point but not on desk so can not move then click mouse , i did this for 2 point in a row after typing di    i got no dimention in my command bar  but after cliking a 3rd time  i get dimentions  

    iv had this problem  be for in the past  

  • Having to click stuff twice

    any one  else  find thay have to clik snap points twice 

    when im doing all most any thing  that requiers u to clik on snap points,  about 60% of the time i will have to clik point twice  , with no feedback to if u have to click once or twice

    when triying to ,make a poly plate  or add dimention to a drawing this get very  frustrationg

  • Renderings

    i figer out the RENDER Degenerate geometry instant crash can be avodid by making shore  evry part's material has been changed 

    but 1 very small bit off flat bar  at defalt seting 800X600 sampel 1   took over 30 minets to not finesh i canceled it after  30 minets  it hade taking 100% of 1 cpu core for  the whoil time 

    when render used to work (on defalt seting ) it took seconds  to finesh 

  • Steel elevation in a TOP view drawing

    not shore if this wot u wont but its the closes i know off

    you can add levil symbol  witch  gives the elivation (in meters ) of the point u cliked on 

    u can find it in Labels and dimensions / parametric labels / insert level symbol

  • dimentioning an arc gives un consisten results

    hi Janet Black your instructions worked thanks

    dont know y it worked this time last time i triyed to use the 3p  methid  it keps saying Circle centre point (3P/2P/Radius) as if i hadent ask it to change to 3p  

    oh well working now  thanks 

  • dimentioning an arc gives un consisten results

    video link not showing search    

    arc dimension inconsistent AS2014

  • Features in bars

    u can manuley cut a hoil in one bar end and add a bit off bar the diamitor of the hoil to the other bit of bar and weld it to the bar so on an asembily drawing thay kinda look like one part  

  • Multiple Label Stretch

    hoilding shift as u select the points u wont to move (blue squaers) thay go red when thay selected wons u have all labels selected letgo of shift click one red squar then move mouse

    but it seems to keep the ratio between the label and the object  insted of just keeping the postion between label 

  • dimentioning an arc gives un consisten results

    iv been dimentioning a arc  and the anser it gives me is not consistent 

    i have atached a video whre u can see i dimention the arc 4 times getig 1 anser 2 times and the uther anser 2 times uil cee in the video i click the same point evry time

    cant upload file not to wory  hear's a youtube link

  • Member Rotation

    ther is nothing  in the propertiys page to tell u the angel (in AS2014 SP1)

    but if u dimention (keybord comand" di ") a side of the beam it will tell u the angel (angel in xy plane= 320.71 , angel from xy plane = 0)

    this is wot iv been useing to match angel's its prity fast 


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