• SRSS Combination

    In order to combine Ex with Ey you needs to generate Newmark combinations. You can automatically generate this type of combinations in two ways: you can load the NEWEC8.cbn from Loads CBN and then generate simplified combinations, or you can generate detailed combinations and check that on the parameters dialog box the Newmark combinations option is checked.
  • Seismic Load

    picture 1

    Attachment: 1_4.JPG

  • Seismic Load

    In order to change the spectrum used for seismic actions, you need to go to “Seism…” properties=>Family=>Spectrum and change the spectrum curve you want to use. (see picture 1, for EC8 without any National Annex).
  • Buckling forms preview

    In order to display deformed shape from buckling analysis you need to open the results dialog box (CTRL+Z), go to case/combinations => Displacements and select the cases for buckling analysis.
  • Export to Advance Steel Connection

    Starting from 2016, ADSC is not available. In order to use ADSC you could install AD 2015.
  • Problem with RC design due to unstable nodes.

    Please, attach the model in order to investigate the problem.
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