• Hi,<br/><br/>I am currently running Advanced Design 2017 R2. when I open the software and then click new project, then software crashes every time. The only way I can get in to the software is by opening an existing project and then deleting everything i

    Hi,This issue appears because you have set the working folder to a location that is not available (a folder you have deleted).In order to solve it you need to do the following:1. Open a saved model.2. Go to Home --> Application --> General --> Specify the working folder --> select the path where you want to save the model.3. Save the model and close it.4. Open a new model--> it should work fine.Regards,Vlad
  • The problem with decimals.

    We are aware of this issue and it was fixed for 2017 R2 version.2017 version works only with point as decimal separator. Please check if the decimal separator is set to point; if not, you need to change it.Regards,Vlad
  • Problema Generator Vant

    Buna ziua, Pentru moment fortele din actiunea vantului nu sunt generate pe un singur perete vertical. Daca primiti acest mesaj pentru un model mai complex va rugam sa atasati acel model pentru a-l putea investiga.
  • Buna ziua!<br>Am o problema cu un model de hala cu ferme. <br>Fermele curente nu au optiunea element de <br>sustinere pentru vant, fermele de fronton DA. <br>Stalpii DA. si Panele la fel. Cu toate astea, dupa ce <br>generez vantul si rulez, imi spune ca

    Mesajul legat de incarcarea ce a fost detectata in afara elementelor portante apare atunci cand sub o incarcare (sau sub o parte a acesteia) nu exista niciun element ce o poate prelua.Cel de al doilea mesaj apare in special pentru incarcarile climatice, atunci cand toate elementele portante au dezactivata optiunea Element de sustinere (Zapada si Vant).Pentru a putea investiga modelul va rugam sa atasati fisierul .adb ce se afla in folderul « data ».
  • Weight of haunch

    We are aware of this issue and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  • Crane loading

    For the moment, you cannot automatically input crane loads according to EC.
  • Creating element without weight in the model

    In order to obtain an element with no weight you need to change, from material properties, the element density to 0. (go to Manage-->Used materials-->select the material-->Mechanical Properties and set “Density” value to 0).You can impose smaller rigidity for an element in two ways:1.You can change material properties to a smaller value for longitudinal\transverse rigidity (go to Manage-->Used materials-->select the material-->Mechanical Properties and insert the desired value for longitudinal rigidity).2.Another way you can change the rigidity of an element is to select the element--> go to properties--> Cross section--> set “Concrete inertia type” to “Imposed value” and insert a value for “Cracked section inertia coefficient” as a ratio between desired rigidity and full rigidity (value smaller than 1).
  • Wall design

    In order to creates shear walls with boundary columns you need to create a subsystem and check “Walls group” option. Then you will create the walls and the boundary columns inside this subsystem as planar elements (columns too). You can display the effort on that walls as torsors on group. You can use this efforts to calculate the reinforcement.
  • T/C support

    This type of support is created using command Point/Linear/Planar T/C supports. T/C supports behave like ordinary elastic supports for linear analyses. For non-linear analyses, they work in tension only or compression only. Below there is a link about elastic support, in order to know how to define the stiffness for the support. http://www.graitec.com/en/FAQ_view.asp?FAQID=720&Language=EN&Name=How+is+an+elastic+linear+support+modeled%3FWhen modeling elements on T/C supports, it is important to keep in mind that this type of support can only take over the tension or compression part of loads. If the structural element supported only by a T/C support is also loaded in another direction, e.g., the tension/compression direction of the support, the calculation cannot be provided. To simulate such situation correctly, the element must be supported by two overlapping supports: - the T/C support with stiffness defined only for translation in the z-direction (other stiffness having zero value), which takes over only tension or compression;- the additional support restraining forces in other directions - this can be a hinge support, free to move in the z-direction, or an elastic support with zero stiffness in the z-direction.
  • SRSS Combination

    When you create a new seismic load, a new Modal analysis will be created. To impose masses eccentricity you need to go to Modal analysis=> Properties=> Dynamic masses eccentricity. Now you can choose if you want to use eccentricity, on what direction you want the eccentricity to be applied and the value for the eccentricity.( see picture)

    Attachment: masses eccentricity.jpg

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