Activate the three PowerPack tabs in Revit ribbon: PowerPack, PowerPack Detailing and PowerPack Design.
By default, the PowerPack tab will always be visible, regardless of the active license.
To activate PowerPack Detailing and PowerPack Design (in case they are missing from the ribbon):
  • Navigate to the PowerPack tab, Application panel, and click on PowerPack



  • Click on PowerPack Customization



Note: If you don’t have an active license, the License Utility will popup to activate one. If you don’t activate it, you will not be able to access this dialog.
  • Navigate to Ribbon Customization and check PowerPack Detailing and PowerPack Design 



  • All three PowerPack tabs will be visible now


Note: If you activated a license (a license required to make Detailing and Design tools work) during this Revit session, PowerPack Detailing and PowerPack Design will not be populated until Revit will be restarted.
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