In PowerPack for Advance Steel, each type of component (Columns, Rafters, Side rails, etc) has some hardcoded restrictions regarding the available cross-section shape (I, U, Z, etc), function of its structural/non-structural role inside the building and typical sections used in practice.

  • What’s new?

Structure Designer can now be configured to use records from AstorRules database - JointsGUIAllowedSections table (similar to some ®Advance Steel standard joints).

This allows customers to go beyond existing restrictions and extend the content available in profile selection controls (the list of available sections).

  • How to do it?

Create a new entry in the table JointsGUIAllowedSections from AstorRules database:

  • The required strings for the JointName and JointControl entries in the table, for each element type inside the macro, are given below:

Element name inside the macro

Corresponding strings JointName|||JointControl





"Transversal beams"


"Gable Posts"




"Eaves Purlin"


"Side Rails"


"Side Bracings"


"Roof Bracings"


"Platforms - Marginal beams"


"Platforms - Secondary beams"


"Platforms - Corner columns"


"Platforms - Marginal columns"


"Platforms - Cantilevers"


"Intermediate beams"




"Doors - Headers"


"Doors - Posts"


"Gates - Headers"


"Gates - Posts"


"Window4s - Headers"


"Windows - Posts"


  • Example

The user wishes to make angle profiles (Angle identical DIN EN 10056-1) available for rafters:

The new entry inside JointsGUIAllowedSections table should be:

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