Bending (=tp*Fv,Ed) in the anchors due to the oversized holes in the plate

Figure 1 - Bending (=tp*Fv,Ed) in the anchors due to the oversized holes in the plate

In BIM Designer Steel Connection 2019, 4 conditions need to be fulfilled in order to have bending in the anchors:

  1. Define horizontal (shear) forces (Fv,Ed) in the anchors 
  2. Define tension forces (Ft,Ed) in the anchors 


Note: Currently, BIM Designer Steel Connection 2019 verifies the bending in the anchors only when tension force is applied (N>0) and shear force is defined (V≠0). In the next version of BIM Designer Steel Connection, this verification will be performed even if there is no axial force defined or if the compression force has a low value |N|*0.3<|V|.


       3. Design Assumptions dialog, select the "Bending from eccentricity in anchors" option

Design Assumptions icon

Figure 2Design Assumptions icon


Option Bending from eccentricity in anchors

Figure 3Option Bending from eccentricity in anchors


       4. Define oversized holes: add at least 2 mm to the tolerance of the normal hole in the Holes tab from the Anchors dialog

Figure 4Anchors icon


Declaring oversized holes

Figure 5Declaring oversized holes


A supplementary tension force is developed (Ft,Ed,eq, based on the recommendations detailed in the CNC2M "Recommandations pour le dimensionnement des assemblages selon la NF EN 1993-1-8" - April 2015) and has the following formula:

Supplementary tension force Ft,Ed,q

Figure 6Supplementary tension force Ft,Ed,q


The resistance of the anchor will then be checked as follows:

Verification formulas with this supplementary force

Figure 7 – Verification formulas with this supplementary force


For more details, please check the chapter ‘’Anchor bolt tension verification’’ from the joint report.

When shim plates are enabled: the value "tp" must include the shim plates thickness.

Note that the verification of the bending in anchors is not conditioned by the levelling plate.

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