You can Import, Export and Synchronize data between Revit and Excel using Link to Excel tool from Graitec PowerPack package.

The source data can either be an existing Revit schedule or a new list of parameters available from the project and defined by the user within the Link to Excel tool, which will later be editable as an Excel table.

PowerPack Ribbon, Link to Excel Tool

Fig.1 PowerPack for Revit ribbon, Link to Excel tool

  • In the Link Manager window a new link can be added to the project. Existent links are listed here as well.

Link Manager window

Fig.1 Link Manager window

  • The Add new link option reveals a series of methods in which such a dependency can be generated: Empty, From existing link, From Schedules, From current selection in Revit or From entire project:​

Add new link to export to Excel

Fig.2 Add new link window, with several options for creating the link

  • After clicking OK in Add new link window, Edit link dialog opens, where user can rearrange, remove or add new parameters, Filter, Sort and format the columns:

Edit Link before Exporting to Excel

Fig.3 Edit link window, before exporting to Excel

  • After you click OK the new link is ready to be exported. Click Export button. Now you can open the Excel file directly from the Link Manager window.

Export to Excel and open the Excel file from Link Manager window

Fig.4  Export to Excel and Open the Excel file directly from Link Manager window

  • Now you can perform changes in Excel table. Only instance parameters can be changed in Excel. Type parameters cannot be changed, you can easily recognize this parameters, by default they have a gray background in Excel.​

  • If you want to import the changes from Excel back to Revit, you just need to save the Excel file and press Import button in the Link Manager window.

  •  Here you have the option to Show preview before importing data back to Revit. If checked a dialog box opens before the import with various options regarding changed data and actions to be taken, keep changes made in Excel or keep Revit data.

Import Preview Dialog

Fig.5  Import Preview dialog

  • Once the Import process is finished, the new parameters values are automatically updated in Revit. 



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