Graitec’s inhouse team of engineers have always sought to implement productive functionalities with each new software release, and this year’s R2 version of the 2018 PowerPack for Revit is no exception. 

Therefore, the 2018 R2 version of PowerPack for Revit introduces a useful and practical feature that makes designing Revit models much easier. To Model Line feature can be used for displaying the project’s grid lines in 3D view, thus providing a more insightful outlook over the whole building model.

The To Model Line icon is easily accessible in the Modeling category, but some initial adjustments must be made, before drawing models on certain project elements.

The first step requires accessing the Modeling configuration dialog and choosing from three available Selection Modes: Element, Face or Edge. Each of these selection modes generates different outputs.

Selection Mode Element can be used for drawing lines on all edges of the element. The mode is capable of recognizing all the layers of a specific element, including compound layers of the wall.

By contrast, Selection Mode Face draws model lines on selected face edges, while selection mode Edge is suitable for drawling model lines on selected edges.

Once that’s completed, simply click on the To Model Line icon, and proceed with selecting specific elements for which PowerPack for Revit will draw model lines. Batch selection of elements is available, thus ensuring that the operation is performed only once for a multitude of elements in the project.




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