In Advance Concrete, the user has the option to set various project information that may be useful for later identification.

These characteristics include the project name, designer name, date of order, etc., but there is also a special identifier, called "Project ID". It is a unique string of numbers and letters which can only be attributed to a single project.

As well as the other mentioned data, the project ID is displayed in the "Project properties" window. It can be accessed with a right-click on the Project name, in the Pilot:

What is the Project ID?

This unique identifier is generated differently, depending on the project's workflow.

In projects that use a single DWG for the model and all the drawings/layouts, only the user can produce the Project ID. Initially, for a new model, there is no text in the respective box. To create a new ID, the "Renew" button is used and a code will automatically be generated.

What is the Project ID?

The ID code can be modified at any time, manually. Aside from automatically obtaining it, the user has the option to enter the desired text directly, by typing it in the dedicated box.

If the project uses the multi-document workflow, the project ID creation is different. The user cannot change the code manually because the box in the "Project properties" window is inactive. The ID is generated automatically when the project is saved for the first time.

The model and all the external drawings/layouts linked to it will have the same project ID.

This setting is helpful when using the "Link DWG" command. For an external DWG to be connected to a model, they both need to have the same ID. If the IDs are different, connecting them is not possible.

The command will only be applied to files that have been created starting from the respective model, and they have been previously detached from it, using the specific "Unlink DWG" command.

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