The "Find the elements in the model" option allows the user to easily identify the position in the Model for elements included in a drawing.

This improvement is of great help for users working on large projects, enabling them to navigate directly from the Drawings mode to the corresponding element in the Model. When there is a need to modify or check the element's position, any confusion during the identification of elements contained in a view is impossible.

The command can be used for the following types of views:

- Cuts – "Find the section line in the model"
- Elevations – "Find the elevation line in the model"
- Top/bottom views (general or local) – "Find the definition in the model"
- Reinforcement drawings – "Find the elements in the model"

The option is available in the context menu of the Pilot, which opens by right-clicking on the drawing's name.

After accessing it, the level in model containing the elements is activated, the elements are selected and the area where they are located is zoomed in on screen:

How do we identify the position in the Model for elements included in a drawing?

For section and elevation drawings, after using the command, the activated level is the one where the section/elevation line was created. The area where it is located is zoomed in on screen and the section/elevation line is selected.

For example, the cut line for Section A-A is displayed in all levels of the building, but it was created in Level 1:

How do we identify the position in the Model for elements included in a drawing?

The behavior is similar for local top/bottom views. After right-clicking on command, the area included in the view is zoomed in on screen, but without selecting any of the elements.

This option is not available for isometric views and floor plans.

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