Advance Design can perform the calculation of both linear and non-linear analyses, except for the structures containing cable elements, which can be calculated only by non-linear analysis.

In the following example, we consider a metallic sunblind that is supported by cable elements. The structure description is shown in the following figure (Figure 1).

How is a structure with cables designed
Figure 1. Structure description and loading state

All elements are made of steel S235. For this model, the column cross-sections are HEB360 and their base can be considered fixed. The span length is 2.5 meters. Vertical bracings have SHS50x5H cross-sections and are defined as bar elements. Cross-sections of tie beam and cantilever beams are SHS150x10H.

As seen in Figure 1, there are no planar elements defined. We define only a windwall element, which will transmit forces to adjacent elements.

The entire system is subjected to a vertical planar load (Fz = -3kN), which includes the self-weight of the planar element, and two horizontal forces (Fx = 25kN) that are applied at the beam to column connection.

The cable elements are made of steel S235 and have a diameter of 2 cm.

After defining the load combinations (see Figure 2), we create a static non-linear analysis. To see how to create a static non-linear case and setup its parameters, consult the FAQ: How is a nonlinear analysis created?.

How is a structure with cables designed
Figure 2. Load combinations

To obtain valid results, the large displacement option must be activated. This option is in the properties window of the static non - linear case.

How is a structure with cables designed
Figure 3. Properties window of the static non - linear case

Note: The element mesh size has a great influence on the computed results. For this example we choose a mesh size of 0.5 meters.

The following pictures present the results for a static non-linear analysis (combination No. 101 was used to compute the results).

How is a structure with cables designed
Figure 4. Displacements of the analyzed structure
       How is a structure with cables designed
Figure 5. Axial force in elements of the analyzed structure

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