The dimension style is specific to each prototype and contains the graphic information about the elements used by Advance Steel to create dimension lines, leader lines etc, allowing you to configure arrowheads, primary units precision, text style and many other parameters required to customize the dimension lines.

To configure and use a custom dimension style, perform the following steps, which include modifying the prototype and changing the default dimension style used by Advance Steel when detailing.

1. Go to the following folder where your Advance Steel / Windows installation is located:
C:\ProgramData\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\Shared\Support\Prototypes - Windows Vista / 7
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Graitec\AdvanceSteel\2010\Shared\Support\Prototypes - Windows XP.

2. From this folder, open in Advance Steel the prototype file you need to modify.

3. Once the prototype is opened, use the following command: Change dimension style, located on the "Drawings labeling & dimensions" tool palette.

How is the dimension style used for leader and dimension lines changed

4. This will open the "Dimension style manager", which is an AutoCAD option. The Advance Steel preconfigured dimension styles, which contain "DSC_" in their names, are listed in this window.
You can add a new dimension style, or configure an existing one by using the two buttons on the right side: "New" or "Modify".
If you choose "New", then enter a new name and use one of the existing styles as a reference. We recommend using the existing DSC_ ones as a reference for the new style.

How is the dimension style used for leader and dimension lines changed

5. Configure the dimension style by modifying the different available settings. For example:

      - Change the linetype or line color used by lines in dimensions.

How is the dimension style used for leader and dimension lines changed

      - Change the arrowheads of dimension lines and leader lines, or their sizes.

How is the dimension style used for leader and dimension lines changed

      - Change the primary units precision used in the dimension lines to show the dimension value. This precision can be different from the precision value used in the model. The dialog box also provides the option to change the unit format, use a prefix/suffix or change the units format for the angular dimensions to be different from the linear ones.

How is the dimension style used for leader and dimension lines changed

There are also other settings like text style, alternative units or fit options that affect the Advance Steel dimension style.

6. After the settings are done, save the prototype. Give it a different name if necessary, to retain the original prototype.

7. After the prototype is configured, you need to change a default value that will allow the Advance Steel detailing to use this modified "Dimension style" when creating the automatic details. To change the default, open the Management Tools and go to "Defaults".

In the Drawing - Dimensioning category there are a series of defaults that control certain dimensions used:

Dimension style for angle dimensions
Dimension style for arc dimensions
Dimension style for linear dimensions
Dimension style for radial dimensions
Dimension style for slope triangle dimensions

Note: Leader line arrow types can be configured and used with the following default: Dimension style for linear dimensions, which is common in this case.

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